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Heinz May be Slow, but Not with QR Codes

Heinz used QR Codes in its Veteran's Day promotion.

Heinz donated 57 cents per QR Code scan and Facebook LIKE.

One of the more prominent QR Code promotions is that of Heinz ketchup. Heinz had previously used a QR code on its 20 ounce ketchup bottles that promoted the new environmentally-friendly bottle. More than one million customers scanned the QR Codes, mostly in restaurants. In addition to the QR Code scan, Heinz also offered a text message marketing program to satisfy those consumers that do not have a smartphone.

It just makes sense. You sit down to order your lunch or dinner and then there is a lull until your food comes. Look around the restaurant and you’ll see most diners doing something on their smartphones or traditional dumb phones. What a great time to scan the QR Code on the back of the ketchup bottle that’s in the middle of the table.

Heinz conducted a new QR Code promotion over the Veteran’s Day holiday. Customers can scan the QR code on the back of the bottle to send a personal thank you to veterans. For each thank you sent through a “Like” on the Heinz Facebook page, Heinz will donate 57 cents to the Wounded Warrior Project. The fronts of the bottles will have “Thank You Veterans” on it.

In addition to the ketchup bottles, Heinz supplied table top signage and worked with operators to incorporate additional incentives and dining promotions in the restaurants.


Even Polar Bears Love QR Codes

QR Code Coca Cola polar bears

QR Code Coca Cola polar bears

Coca-Cola is making a major move with QR Codes. Its QR Codes will be appearing on “tens of billions of Coca-Cola cups” available at 7-Eleven, Subway, and other major businesses.

The QR Codes will promte Coke’s commitment to the “Save the Polar Bears” campaign. It is anticipated that the promotion will generate 500,000 to 1 million scans. I would say that is low baed on the amount of cups that the promotion will appear on.

In addition to the cups, the QR Codes will also appear on posters. That code will lead to a Facebook page where you can throw snowballs at friends.

The campaign promoting Coca-Cola’s involvement with World Worldlife Fund’s polar bear efforts in the Artic will aslo appear on 1.4 billion Coke cans in the USA and Canada. The cans will be white with a red polar bear graphic rather than the classic red can. This will make it easier to scan, but condensation running down the sides of the cans and cups could cause a problem.


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Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd with QR Codes

Phillies QR Code

Phillies Custom QR Code

With QR Codes becoming more popular each day, we need to search for ways to stand out among the crowd. Adding branding and color to your QR Code will help attract more viewers and increase your scan rate. Take Your QR Code from ordinary to extraordinary! Check out the video below on Custom QR Codes.



Frank Mazza | 610-994-1853 |


Custom QR Codes Gobble Up Revenue

Thanksgiving QR CodesQR Codes are making its mark this holiday season. Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and the start of what will be the official beginning of QR Code technology in the United States. You may have already noticed the increased amount of QR Codes in retail; but you have seen nothing yet.

Retail stores are using QR Code walls as a way to purchase products without waiting in line. The Holiday season will go from red and green to black and white. It will soon be in our daily routine to scan a QR Code as soon as we see it. But will it last past the Christmas Season?

Many technology critics believe QR Codes will not last long, and that they will soon become a broken record. It seems possible because of the lack of knowledge people have of QR Codes. Since QR Codes can be made for free, the average Joe can simply make one himself instead of paying an ad agency.  This could be what will ultimately cause the QR Codes extinction in the United States.

When placing a QR Code we need to push for the best possible scan rate. We need to be aware of sizing issues, as well as what’s behind the code.  The user, who scans the code, should be sent to a mobile landing page. Make the user interested in scanning your code. The average Joe should look for professional support and not take on the role by their self.

If you’re looking to make a statement and have your brands stand out among the crowd. Use Custom QR Codes by adding images to your QR Code. Personalizing your QR Code, could lead to a massive increase in scan rates. ATS QR Codes, a company based in Wayne PA, is the perfect company to work with when look for custom QR Codes for the Holidays. They have worked with companies such as CNN, Sprint, and Polo Ralph Lauren.

Having your code customized can really jump the line in a competition. When using a custom QR Code this holiday season, to go through a professional who specializes in QR Code promotions (IT WILL MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE).

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Video: Custom QR Codes

Regional Sales Manager Scott Bronenberg discusses Custom QR Codes and why you should be using a Custom QR Code rather than an ordinary QR Code in your marketing and promotion.


Holiday QR Code Concert in a Pocket

PHILADELPHIA — For the sixth consecutive year, Philadelphia’s Hit Radio Station Q102, is holding a contest called, “Show Us Your Q”. The goal is to make or take a photo of something that resembles the letter “Q’, along with the holidays and station branding. The winner who is selected by most number of votes, will win tickets to one of the biggest holiday concerts of the year, “Jingle Ball 2011”. If thats not enough, the winner also wins a meet and greet with every performing artist.

Whats different about this years contest, is that a Custom QR Code was submitted. Not only was this code designed on the outside, but whats on the inside is much cooler. When you scan the code, you will be able to watch the newest hit single of EVERY artist (including: LMFAO, Big Time Rush, and Kelly Clarkson).

This Custom Holiday QR Code, identifies a perfect promotion for QR Codes. Not only does the QR Code match the stations branding, but it gives those who scan something to enjoy. Notice how it includes text that says: “Scan for Jingle Ball on the Go”. This is key to a great QR Code promotion; let users know what they are getting when they scan the code.

Holiday QR Code

Scan For Jingle Ball On The Go!

This custom QR Code is eye catching, and something that can really be used as the perfect crowd pleaser. Think of a qr code as the opening act to your promotions. Giving users a QR Code like this while they wait for a concert, can be an amazing piece of technology.

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