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Categories of Text Message Marketing by Radio Stations

Text message marketing by radio stations has been a big part of our business at Advanced Telecom Services and  That’s why Radio Ink magazine asked us to pen an article about the types of text messages that radio stations use.

Read the article in Radio Ink about radio text message marketing by Advanced Telecom Services’ president Bob Bentz.


Earthquake Rocks Philadelphia

For the first time in the history of the company, an earthquake has hit Philadelphia area today.  As we were going about our regular work schedule at Advanced Telecom Services, we all felt the earth shaking from the earthquake in the Philadelphia area.

Actually, the first media to tell me about it was via a text message from a radio station client of ours in Delaware.  The radio station text message reported that it was a 5.8 on the Richter scale and that the earthquake we felt in the Philadelphia area was just a remnant of the earthquake that was centered in Virginia.

What a great use of text message marketing by the radio station to report the earthquake in the Philadelphia area.


Why People Subscribe to the Newspaper

Ipsos recently conducted study of newspaper subscribers as to why they subscribe to the print paper. Here is a look at the percentages for all the reasons that people subscribed:

All Reasons for Subscribing Percentage

Saying “Yes”
Local News 85 %
Coupons 67%
National &
International News 58%
Habit 37%
Obituaries 35%
Columnists 33%
Other 12%

With local being such an important part of the reason to subscribe, it certainly makes sense then that a newspaper web site would offer an internet dating product such as that of MatchLink–a product of Advanced Telecom Services.  If you are a newspaper employee or just want a new online dating affiliate program, please give us a call.


Newspaper Online Revenues 2011

Newspapers online showed 10% growth

One bright spot for the newspaper industry has been its continued increase in revenues from its online advertising revenues.  The first quarter, 2011, revenues from the Newspaper Association of America showed a 10.6% increase in online earnings from $730 million to $807 million.

Advanced Telecom Services offers its MatchLink online dating affiliate program for newspapers to help enhance its online revenues.  MatchLink offers a custom online dating product to newspapers with the power of the database, but a custom online dating site.


Premium Rate Complaints Down in UK

Advanced Telecom Services offers easy expansion of your premium rate 900 number programs to the UK through its London office.  ATS has been active in the United Kingdom premium rate services market since 1992.

Complaints about premium rate telephone services (PRS) have declined by 77% over two years, according to recent figures issued by the UK PRS regulator, PhonepayPlus, in its Annual Report. Other good news statistics for consumers and industry were a 74% decrease in fines to industry for serious breaches of PhonepayPlus’ Code of Practice in the last financial year, while the market grew from £810 million to £816 million in 2010.

As the UK PRS industry gears up for changes to regulation that come into force on 1 September, the news of growing consumer confidence in PRS was welcomed by the regulator, consumers and industry. PhonepayPlus’ Annual Report 2010/11 highlights the effectiveness of the collaborative regulatory model where the regulator works with the PRS industry to pre-empt consumer harm before it happens, allowing innovation that benefits both consumers and the market while acting swiftly and effectively to clamp down on services and providers that cause problems.



Marketing Movil

With the release of the 2010 Census figures, it is becoming more and more obvious that it is critical for all businesses to reach the USA Hispanic market.  With US born Hispanics now outnumbering all foreign born Hispanics, it is obvious that the future of the United States, and marketing in the United States, requires Spanish as well as English (whether you like it or not).

When it comes to the online market for Spanish speaking residents of the USA, most studies indicate that about half of the 31 million Hispanics online prefer English while the other half prefers English or bilingual speaking.

“The decision to create a second mobile marketing site in Spanish was an easy one,” said Bob Bentz, president of Advanced Telecom Services.  ”It comes down to what is the language preference of the audience we are marketing to.”

If you would like to participate in text message marketing and do it from a Spanish speaking site, you need to check out:


Homer Simpson Uses

If you are in need of text message marketing, you should consider the text message marketing site that the expert businesspersons use. Take Homer Simpson, for example. Homer is likely to get a raise since showing Mr. Burns his marketing genius in using

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