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Tablets Drive Digital Newspapers

Based on the latest projections from Price Waterhouse Coopers, tablets and smartphones will continue to drive digital newspapers and advertising revenues to new heights by 2015.  By 2015, digital newspapers circulation will top 4.6 million, up from just 1.5 million in 2010.

By offering additional services like online dating sites to newspapers, the digital newspaper will become more relevant to singles and younger adults.  Moreover, the tablet better enables singles to navigate the many profiles that exist on a large database singles online dating site like the MatchLink product that is offered by Advanced Telecom Services.


How Generation Y Accesses Newspaper Content

Generation Y encompasses 70 million Americans born between 1977 and 2002.  Here is how those teens and young adults access newspaper content.

  • Online — 65%
  • Print Newspaper — 19%
  • Mobile — 12%
  • E-Reader — 2%
  • Don’t read newspapers – 2%

When it comes to reaching Generation Y, it is increasingly important to offer your newspaper on a mobile web site.  At 12% and climbing, reaching young adults with a mobile version of your newspaper is becoming more and more important.

(Source — Editor & Publisher; April, 2010)


Why Scan a QR Code?

Think QR Codes are just a fad?  Think again.

Last year, smartphone users increased their scanning of QR Codes by 16 times!  And, it’s not just teens and young adults doing it; 70% of all QR code scans were from adults 25-55.

But, why would the consumer scan a QR Code in the first place?  Take a look at the answers.

Consumers love coupons and will scan a QR Code to get one.

Lunch Breaks

People are busier than ever and the lack of time most Americans take for lunch breaks is indicative of this.  How long of a lunch break do you take?

Lunchbreak chart


Mobile Marketing in Philadelphia

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Philadelphians are on the move, so shouldn’t your message be on the move too?  As the nation’s fifth largest city, you must know that these are busy people that are becoming increasingly difficult to reach through the din of advertising that reaches its citizens every day.

Philadelphia mobile marketing

That’s why mobile marketing plays such a vital role in reaching Philly residents and why your brand needs a local Philadelphia mobile marketing company that understands the Philly marketplace.

Advanced Telecom Services has been supplying interactive telephone services from its Wayne, Pennsylvania, office since 1989.  Throughout its 20+ year history, it has evolved from a company that offered its marketing solutions to landline phones, then internet customers, and now mobile devices.

It is a one-stop mobile marketing shop offering:

If you are looking for a mobile marketing company in Philadelphia, it’s always best to work with somebody local who understands the market.  We won’t get lost on Schuylkill Expressway.  We know we make the best cheesesteaks and we put mustard on our soft pretzels.

When you need mobile marketing experts in Philadelphia, think Advanced Telecom Services.  We’ll understand your Philadelphia mobile marketing needs and swat one out of the park for you…like a Ryan Howard homerun.

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