Custom QR Codes from Advanced Telecom Services

Custom QR Code for St. Joe's Hawks

ATS Mobile designs Custom Codes for both businesses and organizations like the Hawks sports team at Saint Joseph’s University.

Advanced Telecom Services announces its new ATS QR code service that provides 2D barcodes to businesses and organizations.

With ATS QR Codes, products and organizations can brand their QR codes with easily recognizable logos and graphics.  This gives added emphasis to the QR code and enables it to better represent the brand or product and stand out in the advertisement to secure larger amounts of scans from consumers.

“One of the raps against QR codes has been that it is nothing more than a square box of squiggly black and white lines that don’t represent one brand over another,” said Bob Bentz, president of Advanced Telecom Services.  “With ATS QR codes, we create appealing custom design QR codes that enhance the look and feel of the customer interaction.”

According to Bentz, QR codes have been one of the hottest sellers in its portfolio of mobile marketing products in the last few months.  Companies are purchasing them mostly because of the unique design, but also because Advanced Telecom Services can also provide turnkey mobile integration with capabilities to customize a mobile web site.

“We emphasize the importance of looking like your brand from the outside and the inside,” added Frank Mazza, lead designer for Advanced Telecom Services’ QR code division.

QR codes were invented by Denso-Ware, a subsidiary of Toyota, in 1994, to track parts for vehicle manufacturing in Japan.  The bar codes have been popular in Japan and Korea for many years, but are more recently becoming part of marketing efforts in the United States and Canada.

Canadian QR codes are used on the front page of the Canadian passport application to speed up the processing of new passports.  United Airlines, among other innovative airlines, use QR codes as boarding passes.  And, when you sign up for Google Places, you’ll receive a decal QR code for your front door that links visitors to your web site.

Advanced Telecom Services has developed QR code promotions for companies and organizations such as Radio One, Subway, and St. Joseph’s University.  The Wayne, Pennsylvania company has been in business since 1989 and operates international offices in Toronto, London, Dublin, Prague, and Bratislava.



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