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Sports Info Text

Using text message marketing is a great way for college sports information directors to reach their fans and alumni with the most timely information available about your sports program.

Advanced Telecom Services is using its technology to provide text message marketing solutions to sports teams and college sports information directors.  It’s the best way for SID’s to reach their fans and alumni in the most cost efficient and time efficient fashion.

Watch our video below and learn more about Sports Info Text from Advanced Telecom Services.


Miss Virginia Text Message Voting

Advanced Telecom Services will once again be providing premium SMS text message voting for the Miss Virginia Pageant on Saturday night.  ATS also provided the text message voting for the 2010 Miss Virginia pageant.

2011 Miss Virginia Pageant

Vote by text

Miss Virginia Scholarship Pageant used text message voting for to help choose Caressa Cameron as Miss Virginia 2010.

Miss Virginia 2010 Caressa Cameron

  • When: Tonight at 7 p.m. and Saturday at 9 p.m.
  • Where: Roanoke Civic Center
  • Cost: $35 per person tonight and $45 per person Saturday night
  • Info: 877-482-8496;; Roanoke Civic Center box office
  • Online voting: Online voting closes tonight at 10 p.m. To vote for your favorite contestant, go to Voting is unlimited and costs 99 cents per vote.
  • Text voting: Text message voting opens Saturday night after the top 11 finalists are announced during the finale. Voting is unlimited and costs 99 cents. Standard text message fees apply.
  • On TV: Watch the finale Saturday on WSET (Channel 13) at 9 p.m.
  • Online: Watch the pageant live and for free at

To vote for your favorite Miss Virginia contestant viewers will be able to text VA<number> to short code 56665.  Do not put a space in between the VA and the number.  All text messages cost .99 per vote.


Executive Leaders Radio Show

Bob Bentz appeared on the Executive Leaders Radio Show on June 3, 2011.  Bob spoke about the early history of Advanced Telecom Services and what inspired him to become an entrepreneur.

Listen to the Executive Leaders Radio interview with Advanced Telecom Services’ Bob Bentz at about the 14:14 mark of this link.


Best of the Web Discount Code 2011 – CLICKZ15

Promo Code for Best of the Web

Best of the Web helps with link-building to well-respected sites which can improve SEO results.

One of the most important aspects of  search engine optimization is link building.  If you want to rank higher in the search engines, you need to obtain links from highly respected sites.

It isn’t easy work contacting other sites in your field and getting them to link to you.  Perhaps, you can provide a unique article and hope that the site will publish it for you.  Or, maybe you can come up with some link bait that will entice the site to link to your unique content.

But, there is one way to obtain a highly respected link that doesn’t require a lot of work.  It only requires a quick write up about your site and a small financial investment for a permanent link.  That site is Best of the Web.

For most of the remainder of 2011, you can obtain a directory link from Best of the Web and get 15% off by using discount promo code CLICKZ15.  Just enter this discount promo code when you check out at Best of the Web for the 15% discount.  You won’t find this discount anywhere else.

This special Best of the Web discount code is brought to you by our friends at the Get Clickz internet marketing blog.


Custom QR Codes from Advanced Telecom Services

Custom QR Code for St. Joe's Hawks

ATS Mobile designs Custom Codes for both businesses and organizations like the Hawks sports team at Saint Joseph’s University.

Advanced Telecom Services announces its new ATS QR code service that provides 2D barcodes to businesses and organizations.

With ATS QR Codes, products and organizations can brand their QR codes with easily recognizable logos and graphics.  This gives added emphasis to the QR code and enables it to better represent the brand or product and stand out in the advertisement to secure larger amounts of scans from consumers.

“One of the raps against QR codes has been that it is nothing more than a square box of squiggly black and white lines that don’t represent one brand over another,” said Bob Bentz, president of Advanced Telecom Services.  “With ATS QR codes, we create appealing custom design QR codes that enhance the look and feel of the customer interaction.”

According to Bentz, QR codes have been one of the hottest sellers in its portfolio of mobile marketing products in the last few months.  Companies are purchasing them mostly because of the unique design, but also because Advanced Telecom Services can also provide turnkey mobile integration with capabilities to customize a mobile web site.

“We emphasize the importance of looking like your brand from the outside and the inside,” added Frank Mazza, lead designer for Advanced Telecom Services’ QR code division.

QR codes were invented by Denso-Ware, a subsidiary of Toyota, in 1994, to track parts for vehicle manufacturing in Japan.  The bar codes have been popular in Japan and Korea for many years, but are more recently becoming part of marketing efforts in the United States and Canada.

Canadian QR codes are used on the front page of the Canadian passport application to speed up the processing of new passports.  United Airlines, among other innovative airlines, use QR codes as boarding passes.  And, when you sign up for Google Places, you’ll receive a decal QR code for your front door that links visitors to your web site.

Advanced Telecom Services has developed QR code promotions for companies and organizations such as Radio One, Subway, and St. Joseph’s University.  The Wayne, Pennsylvania company has been in business since 1989 and operates international offices in Toronto, London, Dublin, Prague, and Bratislava.


Hip to be square: Demystifying the QR code

Reprinted from DealerNews — the voice of Powersports retailers

By Cynthia Furey

They’re called QR codes, and they’re seemingly everywhere these days — you may have noticed them in store windows, magazine articles, and other places where you’d usually find traditional advertising. But what exactly are they, and what function do they serve for retailers?

“By the book definition, they’re two-dimensional barcodes that can be scanned by a mobile device or camera phone, which would lead you to a phone number, SMS text message, or URL,” says Scott Bronenberg, regional sales manager for Advanced Telecom Services.

In newbie terms, QR codes are similar to regular product barcodes — only instead of listing a price at the checkout counter, they act as portals to a retailer’s mobile website or other information. Users scan the code, and in turn, the code sends the user to whatever the retailer has linked to the code — whether mobile website, coupon, or other information.

“Right now, people are using QR codes to [redirect] users to their websites,” Bronenberg says. “But what we’ve found is that there’s so much more we can do with further integrating that landing page. Be it Facebook, Twitter, an opportunity to download an app, watching a video, and live streaming.”

QR codes were first developed in Japan as early as 1994, when they were used to track automotive parts — sort of a mobile tagging system. It wasn’t until just about a few years ago that they caught on in the United States. “We’ve been working with QR codes for about a year and a half, and the growth is spiking right now,” Bronenberg says.

And, with mobile phone companies like Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile planning to offer phones equipped with QR scanners rather than have users download these scanners themselves, Bronenberg muses the interest in them will multiply — not fade out like other marketing fads. “Right now, they’re like the shiny object in the room — they’re new, and unique. But if people get more comfortable with them, their growth could be endless,” he says. “They’ve been in use in Japan for awhile now. If we as marketers can do a good job of executing what’s on the back end, they will be here to stay.”

Besides linking to a website or social media page, one could also run various promotions with QR codes. Frank Mazza, Advanced Telecom Services’ QR code production director, recently helped develop what the company calls a “scannenger hunt.” Retailers would place QR codes around their store, asking consumers to scan them to view and download exclusive content. Mazza also suggests that dealers place QR codes on showroom vehicles that link to videos of vehicle demos or customer reviews. “[Customers] can scan them, and they can see the vehicles in motion [in a video],” Mazza says. “They have all of the details they need on their phones. You could also tie the QR codes in with vehicle servicing.” The best part? Customers have access to all of this interactive content, all without having to leave your store to get it.

Advanced Telecom Services helps retailers build custom apps and marketing campaigns to link to these QR codes. The company offers customization, building, setup and development services that start at $500, plus monthly maintenance fees. Customized QR codes that are branded according to your business start at $100. Bronenberg and Mazza also run a website,, where one can generate generic, black and white QR codes for free. “A lot of people who use the standard QR code just link it to their website,” Mazza says. “But the thing is, yeah, you can use them for free, but you want to brand it, from the outside and inside. That’s what we do. We’re creating a landing site for you. The works.”


More Minutes with Apps than Internet

In June, 2011, for the first time ever, US mobile consumers with smartphones spent more time with mobile apps than they did with the internet itself.  Other studies have shown that more people will access the web from their mobile phone than through a computer by the end of 2013.  This study concerning the soaring use of apps seems to confirm this idea.

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