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ATS Grows Office Space

There’s nothing that we like better than adding new office space, because new hires mean the company is doing well.  Take a tour through the new sales and marketing wing  just added to the offices of Advanced Telecom Services and Advanced Mobile Solutions.  Meet John Geary who handles our apps development division and say hi to others in our office in Wayne, Pennsylvania.


Top Digital Newspaper Sites

USA Today digitalUSA Today is the most viewed digital newspaper in the USA.

Top Newspaper Web Sites by traffic.  The following lists most unique visitors from October 2009 through October 2010, as reported by

  1. USA Today — 239 million
  2. The New York Times — 217
  3. The Wall Street Journal — 122
  4. Los Angeles Times — 94
  5. The Washington Post — 91
  6. New York Daily News — 82
  7. San Francisco Chronicle — 46
  8. New York Post — 45
  9. Chicago Tribune — 33
  10. (Newark) Star-Ledger — 31

Advanced Telecom Services offers a revenue producing customized online dating service for newspapers through our brand.  This service provides a newspaper with the look and feel of their web site, but with the power of the brand behind it.  Best of all, the newspaper is paid on residual income, unlike other affiliate deals where just the initial payment is made.


Smartphone Ownership by Race

When it comes to owning the latest cell phones, Asians and Hispanics are the ones on top of their game.  While 31% of all Americans now own a smartphone, for Asians and Hispanics that number rises to a whopping 45%!  Just 27% of Whites own a smartphone.  33% of Blacks own a smartphone.

No doubt, some of the reason for the ownership figures are that the Asian and Hispanic populations tend to be younger than the national average.  But, if you are trying to reach the market with sophisticated mobile marketing offers, having a Spanish version would be a good idea.

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