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Mobile Apps Developers

In the last three years, mobile apps developers have churned out more than 300,000 mobile apps.

Golf Channel Golf app

ATS has developed mobile apps for companies like The Golf Channel.


And, there seems to be no limits in the growth of apps.  In 2010, developers began creating apps for media tablets like the iPad.  In 2011, growth will find its way into even more devices like connected TV’s and the connected home.

Growth will continue to accelerate through 2014 when total downloaded apps worldwide will increase to 76.9 billion, according to a study by International Data Corporation.  Currently, 10.9 billion apps have been downloaded worldwide.  The apps business will be a $35 billion industry by 2014.

In the coming years, mobile apps developers like Advanced Telecom Services will appify almost anything.  Apps can be a personal trainer, monitor your driving, or find your location through mapping.  There’s more to apps than Angry Birds.


Jim Stutzman Chevrolet-Cadillac Drives Auto Sales with Cars2Go

Like many GM auto dealers in recent years, Jim Stutzman Chevrolet-Cadillac has not had an easy road. But, it hasn’t kept the affable Stutzman from continuing to persevere and move his Virginia auto dealership forward during difficult economic times by continuing to utilize innovative advertising methods and thinking outside of the proverbial “box.”

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the 51-year-old Stutzman has a new media star in his office either, 23-year-old son Bryan, a recent graduate of West Virginia University who is following his father’s and his grandfather’s lead as a third generation employee in the auto business.

“I like to think I keep up with new things pretty well,” said Jim Stutzman who uses a Blackberry, owns an MP3 filled with tunes ranging from Stan Kenton and Patsy Cline, to The Beatles, Pink Floyd( and of course…Jimmy Buffett), and is an albeit-infrequent user of social network sites Facebook, Plaxo, and Linked In. “But, Bryan has taken our social media and mobile ventures to a new level that I would not have been able to do.”

After graduating from college, Bryan began working in the general accounting office- a good grooming ground for the young man who may one day allow his father to spend more time on the golf course and traveling to away Redskins games rather than agonizing over unsold inventory and how to compete with cheaper imports. The younger Stutzman set up a Facebook account for the dealership linked in with their website, manufacturer, and Washington Marketing Association. The immediate interaction with customers is invaluable and the dealership has sold several vehicles simply by having the ability to be responsive to customer needs and fulfilling their need.

Until recently, the dealership had spent some time promoting on the internet, but almost none with the emerging mobile internet and mobile marketing. It had run one text message promotion, but the results were not overwhelming. That’s when it learned about Advanced Mobile Solutions and its Cars2Go product.

Cars2Go bills itself as the only complete mobile solution for the auto industry. With the Cars2Go “Triple Play,” auto dealers are supplied with a mobile website, text message marketing solution, and an app. The investment? $750 per month.

Jim Stutzman Chevrolet is now working on increasing its mobile database of potential users through thetext message marketing tool. In its advertising, the dealership asks customers and prospects to text a keyword to a short code (Text Stutzman to 50123) to receive items like discounts on oil changes. When the prospect participates in the interactive text message campaign, he or she has then “opted-in” to the mobile database and Jim Stutzman Chevrolet-Cadillac has the ability to send them broadcast text messages in the future. Such broadcast text messages might be to notify the customers of upcoming sales, special offers, or new model releases.

“With mobile regulations, we can’t just spam people with our text messages,” said Bryan Stutzman. “But, if they opt-in, we are able to keep them informed of what is going on at the dealership. This is why we find it works better than email does.”

The other thing that Stutzman likes is that Cars2Go allows consumers to search the entire inventory of his dealership from the mobile website or the app. The mobile phone user is able to see detailed information about the cars plus images. “It enables those people who like to window shop on Sundays to see what we have available,” added Jim Stutzman. “Our sales team can then follow up directly with the prospect.”

One thing about mobile apps is that most apps are only used for a short time and then just remain on the phone unused in the future. You could see where this might be common with an auto app; after all, once the new car buying process is over, what is the real incentive to continue using the app? The app from Cars2Go solves this by offering tools that will keep the user involved with the app and keep Jim Stutzman Chevrolet-Cadillac in the forefront of the user’s smart phone.

“We have added some cool auto-related tools on the app to keep users involved with the app other than just through direct dealer promotions,” said Bret Dunlap, president of Advanced Mobile Solutions. A Meter Minder feature, for instance, will remind the driver when the parking meter is about to expire.

The app will also utilize its GPS to help find the car in a large parking lot at a mall or stadium. “That would have helped me at Fed Ex Field this season,” said Jim Stutzman who is a Redskins season ticket holder.

Stutzman believes that his new mobile marketing tool is not lost on auto buyers and will help drive more car sales to Jim Stutzman Chevrolet-Cadillac. “Let’s face it, everything is moving to the mobile phone so why should car buying be any different?”

Stutzman’s auto dealership is certainly on the move. Now, his marketing is too.

Jim Stutzman Chevrolet-Cadillac has been serving the Winchester, Virginia area since 1980. Jim Stutzman has been CEO since 1995. In 1998, Jim Stutzman Chevrolet-Cadillac was recognized as the Outstanding Small Business by the Winchester, Frederick and Clarke Chamber of Commerce.

Bobby Bentz is co-owner and Director of Marketing of Advanced Mobile Solutions—a mobile marketing company that provides mobile solutions to retailers, advertisers, and media. The suburban Philadelphia mobile marketing company recently celebrated its 500th sale of its Cars2Go product to auto dealers. As for Bentz, he’s just happy that he can find his car at the mall now.


Mobile Bar Code Use Explodes

Mobile bar code scanning continued its rapid growth in fourth quarter 2010 as the USA became the most prolific users of QR codes.

Mobile QR Code use went up by 1600% in 2010 over 2009.

According to a study by ScanLife, use of QR codes in the USA doubled during the quarter and increased by 1600% over 2009.

Mobile QR Code use went up by 1600% in 2010 over 2009.

Mobile QR Code use went up by 1600% in 2010 over 2009.

The largest use days were the day after Thanksgiving and Black Friday and on Christmas Day when so many new smartphones were put into service and immediately began scanning bar codes.

The greatest use of mobile bar codes and QR codes were for coupons, prices and nutritional information.

No doubt, the biggest reason for the growth in the scanning of mobile bar codes is the increased proliferation of smartphones in the USA.

While it will be difficult to continue at the same increase pace in 2011, there is no reason to expect that the use of mobile bar codes won’t continue to proliferate in the new year.


US Leads in Mobile Bar Code Use

For the first time, the United States is now the international leader in terms of use of mobile bar codes and QR codes, according to a recent study by 3GVision.

No doubt, the increased purchasing of smartphones in the USA led to it gaining the pre-eminent position as the largest user of mobile bar codes.

The Top 10 users of mobile bar codes during fourth quarter, 2010 were:

  1. United States
  2. Italy
  3. Germany
  4. Hong Kong
  5. France
  6. Canada
  7. United Kingdome
  8. Netherlands
  9. Thailand
  10. South Korea

The top countries in terms of recent growth of the use of mobile bar codes are Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, Norway, and South Korea.

Advanced Telecom Services provides QR codes to its mobile marketing customers.


ATS: A Green Company

It seems as though less Americans are going green.  I guess in the tough economy, people start looking out for themselves and not the livelihood of our planet.

When it comes to mobile marketing, there is nothing greener than sending a mobile coupon to a cell phone rather than purchasing a newspaper advertisements.  So, the basis of our text message marketing business is actually a green one.

Advanced Telecom Services remains committed to doing our part to save the environment and that’s why we encourage all of our employees to come up with cost saving ways to help the environment thrive while saving money for the company as well.

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