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Podcast Interview: Online Dating

Click here. Listen to online dating podcast.

One of the great things about this job is that you are often responsible for people finding the love of their life.  Such is the case with our MatchLink and WebFriends online dating solutions for radio stations and newspapers.

eHealthRadio just posted a podcast interview with ATS president Bob Bentz about the company’s internet dating sites and the recent history of the dating business.

Listen to the online dating podcast interview with Bob Bentz here.


Goin Back to Philadelphia PA

Sometimes, we just need to give some props to our hometown.  Yeah, our Phillies didn’t win the World Series this year as we had hoped, but we did win our fourth consecutive National League East title.

Enjoy Goin Back to Philadelphia PA by Bobby Burnett who unfortunately passed earlier this year.


Radio Showing Growth

There are a lot of alternatives to radio today and there are numerous threats.  But, radio numbers keep on growing, according to the RADAR 106 National Radio Listening Report.


Radio is Hot Again

The weekly audience of 239 million listeners to radio represents an increase of four million listeners versus a year ago.  The report showed a growth of 4 million over last year.

Radio reached 93% of persons 12+ in the last week.  If you, think that radio is losing its young audience, think again.  Radio reached 92% of those age 12-17.  Of young adults, 18-34, 88% listened in a given week, up from 85% a year ago.

With ethnic groups, radio reached 93% of Blacks and 95% of Hispanics.  Among college grads, 96% tuned in to radio.

Advanced Telecom Services offers its MatchLink online dating solution to radio stations.  With MatchLink, radio stations can tap into the lucrative online dating market with a turnkey solution that encompasses the look and feel of the radio station, but with the power of the database behind it.


Use of Premium Rate Services by Sex

According to a UK study, there is a difference in the use of premium rate services by sex. Listed below are the percentage of British public that has used such a service.  The first figure is for adult males and the second for females.

premium rate UK

Women are more likely to call reality TV shows.

NEWS AND SPORTS ALERTS — 32%men & 23% women

GAMBLING — 13% & 8%

GAMES ON MOBILES — 23% & 19%

ADULT CHAT — 6% & 2%



(Source — Phone Pay Plus; November, 2010)


Visions of Manchester

Pictures from the Manchester Telemedia 360 Show held this past week in England are shown below.

Clearly, British people have embraced text messaging to a greater degree than Americans with 91% of all UK citizens having sent a text message.  Banking by mobile is a common occurrence and is promoted on this advertisement in Heathrow Airport in London.

The site of the Telemedia360 Show was The Palace Hotel in Manchester.  Delegates were amazed by the old building with some rooms having ceilings that were 40 feet high!

The oldest building in Manchester is (what else) a pub.  We all know how the Brits like their pints.  The Wellington Pub survived a terrorist attack in 1997 and was picked up and moved to make way for a sparkling new mall.

Not sure Don Draper would have approved of this advertising for the Lucky Strike account.  England’s new efforts to curb smoking are seen everywhere.  It is so refreshing to be able to walk into a pub and not be blasted with cigarette smoke any more.


Telemedia360 a Royal Success

Manchester, England — The second annual Telemedia360 event, held this year in Manchester, was another great success for organizers and attendees.

Over 250 delegates were represented at the event with the majority coming from the United Kingdom, although there was representation from telemedia experts representing Ireland, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Finland, Malta, Hong Kong, Canada, and the United States.

Visitors to Manchester were greeted by two big news stories in England.  Of local Manchester interest was the protest by students against the proposed change in tuition fees from 3000 pounds per year to 9000 pounds per year, as the UK government attempts to generate savings in this time of austerity.  Coming from the USA, where students at private universities can pay more than $55,000 per year, I couldn’t find a lot of sympathy for the students.  On the second day of the event, the major announcement of the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton was announced; this news dominated the telly all day.

The event opened on Monday night with a party at the RA!N pub just a few blocks from the unique Palace Hotel where the event itself was held.

Telemedia360 began early (by delegate standards) on Tuesday morning and there were a series of continuous speeches in the adjacent meeting room that were attended by most of the professionals.  The only complaint of the event that was heard was that it was difficult to hear between the two simultaneous discussions that were happening in the conference room, as the divider between the two was nothing more than a mere curtain, thus making the louder speaker the more audible one.

While the conferences were occurring, many executives were out in the lobby and bar area renewing relationships and friendships and making deals.  Given the activity in the restaurant and bar, it’s hard to believe those staying at the hotel that were not part of the show were too pleased with the constant activity.

On Tuesday night, a dinner was held and many delegates that were not British (including me) got their first taste of Yorkshire Pudding.  At the dinner, autographed football shirts were auctioned and several thousand dollars were raised for the charity Her Breast Friends.

With the business activities done, the group headed to Barca Bar for the rest of the evening.  Many delegates were seen returning to the hotel when some of the delegates were heading out Wednesday morning for early flights.


4 of 10 Cell Phone Users Have Apps

Of the 82% of all adult cell phone users in the USA who are cell phone users, 43% have apps on their phones, according to a recent survey from Pew Internet & American Life Product.  This includes adult cell phone users who have downloaded an app on their phone (29%) and those who have purchased a phone with an app already included (38%) such as Facebook.

developing apps for businessesATS has a full apps development team.

Of those who have apps on their phones, about 68% actually use them regularly.  Older adult cell phone users are most likely to not use the apps included on the phones.

Want to know how frequently adults download apps?  Well, 10% downloaded an app just last week!  Among frequent app downloaders, 33% have downloaded one in the past week and 53% have downloaded in the past month.

47% of all apps users have paid for an app.

Among all adult cell phone users who have apps, the average number that they have on their phones is 18.

Advanced Telecom Services has a full apps development team that has developed apps for many major media properties including The Golf Channel and Versus Network.


Radio Web Sites Increasing in Popularity

Radio stations are pushing its web sites more lately.  And, it seems to be paying off for them.


According to The Media Audit, 17.7% of all US adults have visited a radio station web site in the past month.  That’s a 38% increase in the past three years, as in 2006, only 12.8% had visited a radio station web site.

The study indicates that the radio web site industry has 25 million monthly unique visitors in just the 80 markets that study measured.

As for the demographics, 3/4 of radio web site visitors are considered heavy or moderate listeners.  Such a listener spends almost three hours per day with radio on average.

Advertisers could do well by advertising on a radio station web site.  36.7% of radio web site visitors make 12 or more online purchases in a typical year.  Of heavy radio listeners, 61% made 12 or more online purchases per year.

Listeners to adult alternative radio stations are the heaviest users of the radio station web site.  Here are the amount of listeners that have visited a radio station web site by format:

  • Adult Alternative – 33.8%
  • Modern Rock – 31.6
  • Sports – 29.4
  • News Talk – 27.1
  • Rock – 26.9
  • Public Radio – 25.8
  • Hot AC – 25.8
  • Classic Rock – 25.7
  • Contemporary Christian – 25.0
  • Top 40 – 24.4

Top markets for radio station web site visitors include Minneapolis-St. Paul, Orlando, San Jose, San Francisco, and Seattle-Tacoma.

One product that can greatly increase the visits to a radio station web site is an online dating site.  An online dating site that is linked from your radio station web site can bring new visitors and give repeat visitors a reason to come back.

(Source — THE MEDIA AUDIT National Radio Format Report)

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