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newspaper online datingNTR: ONLINE DATING means $ for radio and newspapers.

In 1998, radio advertising revenues in the United States were $15 billion.  This represented an 11.1% share of total ad spending.

A dozen years later, in 2010, advertising revenues are anticipated to be $14.3 billion which represents just a 7.8% share of total ad spending (Media Business Report).

Newspapers have fared much worse.  In 1998, newspaper advertising represented the largest portion of the local advertising pie at 43.7%.  Today, newspapers have only 30%.

Neither of these figures, however, count the revenue generated from a radio station or a newspaper’s online presence.  This segment is becoming increasingly important for both mediums.  As radio stations and newspapers become more comfortable with online and mobile applications and develop new revenue models in these media, the industry will be well positioned to market incremental opportunities to advertisers.

One such opportunity that a radio station or newspaper can utilize is to sponsor an online dating site that is promoted on its web site.  Such a site helps to build the community aspect of the medium, which is especially vital to a radio station.  In addition, a newspaper web site can also benefit from an online dating solution by offering an additional service to its readers.

The best thing about a media entity offering an online dating solution is that it’s just so easy.  All you have to do is promote the internet dating site with a banner ad or link from the web site.  Of course, it would be great if remnanet ROS air time or advertising space were available, but that is not a requirement.

Advanced Telecom Services can provide your radio station or newspaper with a custom web site that uses the look and feel of your medium.  The best thing, however, is this unique web site is powered by the largest singles database in the country.

All you need to do is promote the online dating solution and we’ll send you a check every month!

How’s that for NTR?



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