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AT&T Comeback

AT&T cell phone

AT&T, once the largest company in the world, now ranks 18th in sales.

When Advanced Telecom Services began its business in 1989, AT&T was the largest company in the world.  That made the business of 900 numbers so attractive to the founders of ATS.  Being supported by the largest company in the world was certainly an attractive opportunity.

22 years later, AT&T is no longer supporting the 900 number product that created the initial opportunity for the business.  And, it is no longer the largest company in the world.  That honor is now taken by Wal-Mart.  By far.

Wal-Mart sales in 2009 were $408 billion which easily put it ahead of Dutch oil giant Shell at $278 billion, according to Forbes magazine.  AT&T holds down 18th place with $123 billion in sales.

When it comes to profits, there’s an interesting group of companies at the top of the international profit charts.  Russian oil company Gazprom is number one at $24 billion in profits.  The top six most profitable companies are all in the oil business until ICBC (China’s largest bank) comes in seventh place.  AT&T ranks 16th with a not so shabby $12 billion in profits in 2009.


Almost 25% of Americans Now Cell Phone Only

cell phone only households

Nearly a quarter of American homes are now cell phone only and do not use a land line phone. Another 15% of American homes have land line phones, but rarely use them. These statistics were supplied by the National Center for Health Statistics.

During the second half of 2009, when the study was conducted, 24.5% of American homes had only a cell phone and no land line phone. That’s an increase of 1.8 percentage points over the first half of 2009. Another 14.9% still maintain a land line phone, but seldom use it.

The study showed that 23% of all adults, or 52 million Americans, had cut the cord and were now cell phone only households. Nearly half of the 25 to 29-year-old age group lived in households with only cell phones.

What this means for marketers is the need to use mobile marketing to reach those living in the now 40% of American households that either don’t have a land line phone or seldom use a land line phone.  Text message marketing is a big part of this new wave of marketing.

For marketers that use 900 numbers, it is important that they also add an automated credit card program to their media mix, as 900 number are not accessible from cell phones.  Marketers can also consider adding premium SMS services or voice short codes (aka Pound Codes).

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