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Best Mobile Apps for Baseball Fans

We’ve all been enjoying the Spring weather this past week in the Northeast and baseball season is just two weeks away when the Yankees and Red Sox open the season on April 4.

We are republishing the following article about mobile apps thanks to our friends over at Fantasy Baseball Dugout.

When you think back to the early days of Rotisserie Baseball, it’s amazing how

MLB At Bat 2010
MLB At Bat 2010

much more technology is available today.  In the first league that I played in, “Rotisserie League” stats were calculated by hand at the Chestnut Pub in Morgantown, West Virginia.  Yes, we did have calculators, but I think they cost $100 each.

Today’s successful fantasy baseball manager needs to have a plethora of technology at his fingertips to win a competitive league.  One of the newest such technologies is the cell phone app.

Mobile apps have exploded over the past two years.  There are now over 200,000 apps available for the iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and other mobile smart phones.

Today, we take a look at some of the baseball apps that will help you win your fantasy baseball league this season.

If you only purchase one app this year, you should buy MLB At Bat 2010.  AT $15, it’s one of the more expensive apps on the market, but when you think that you can listen and watch every game of the MLB season, it’s as much of a steal as you’ll get with Michael Bourne on your roster.

MLB At Bat 2010 is the official app of Major League Baseball.  Last year, it was only available for the iPhone, but this year it is also available for the Google Android phone and the Blackberry Storm as well.  The Android version, however, does not permit the live streaming of games.

There’s also a free Lite version of the app as well, although it has considerably less features.  At .9 mg, it’s not too heavy for your cell phone.

RotoWire has an app specifically developed for fantasy baseball fans.  At $3.99, it’s a solid value from a reputable fantasy baseball site.  It can be especially helpful for your fantasy baseball draft.  Apps reviewers have given the RotoWire app 3 1/2 stars out of 5.

Ballpark Envi shows the beauty of Pittsburghs PNC Park
Ballpark Envi shows the beauty of Pittsburgh’s PNC Park

This app won’t help you win any fantasy baseball league, but it’s cool and only costs 99 cents!  It’sBallpark Envi and the app focuses on the ballparks of the Major Leagues.  There are stadium pictures of current and past stadiums plus sideshows, seating charts, and a handy map if you’re lost and can’t find the stadium.

The iScore Baseball Scorekeeper costs $9.99, but if you like to score games when at the ballpark or watching on TV, the iScore Baseball Scorekeeper is a great choice.  And, it doesn’t have to be used for professional games either; use it while watching junior play his American Legion or Little League Baseball games as well.


Bob Bentz Interview

Advanced Telecom Services’ president Bob Bentz is currently the featured interview at Telemedia News’ 30-second interview.

One of the more intriguing questions of Bentz acknowledges that his ringtone on his cell phone is P.I.M.P. by 50 Cent.

We know.  We hear it blasting in the office most of the day


Columbia News Service 900 Numbers

The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism posted an article about the 900 number written by Stefanos Chen.

Hulk Hogan 900 number

The Hulk Hogan Hotline was the biggest 900 number in the USA.

The article includes a brief history of the 900 number industry, including a recap of the Regan vs. Carter presidential election vote line and the Hulk Hogan Hotline which Advanced Telecom Services was pleased to promote in the early 1990’s.  Much of this information was taken from Bob Bentz’s book about the 900 number industry, “Opportunity is Calling.”

Chen did a good job of interviewing several people in the pay per call industry and his writing style is clearly top notch.  No doubt, Chen has a bright future as a journalist.

One misunderstanding Chen had in the article, however, was his statement that Advanced Telecom Services left the adult industry in 1991.  This is not the case as Advanced Telecom Services was never directly involved in the adult industry.  It is changes from AT&T and MCI in 1991 that essentially banned billing and collections in the adult 900 number industry.

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