Premium SMS on Deal or No Deal

If you thought ‘Deal or No Deal’ was only a game show, you are mistaken. Ask various economists, psychologists and statisticians, who vouch for the academic value of one of the most popular show on American television. These people described ‘Deal or No Deal’ as an experiment to understand people’s decision making behavior. This game involved participants, whose decision making abilities were put to test and they could win billions of dollars. The game became so popular that its various versions were adapted in over seventy countries worldwide. It was also developed as a video game and that too sold like a hot cake.

The most striking feature and the reason behind the unmatched popularity of this show was the use of the biggest premium SMS service in USA. It allowed viewers to participate in the show through SMS from wherever they were and win huge cache of money. The pattern became so popular and user friendly that it set a benchmark for interactive television shows. Since then, many different shows on television took to premium SMS services route to attract viewership.

Mind boggling figures

‘Deal or No Deal’ turned out to be the shot in the arm for premium SMS service worldwide. It triggered viewer interaction through a means as short and simple as an SMS. The figures below speak for them.

  • In 2006, premium SMS services revenues were $273 million in USA alone.
  • Almost 80 percent of this revenue was from the various mobile contents.
  • $35 million was generated through text message voting and text message sweepstakes.
  • Deal or No Deal garnered nearly half of premium SMS revenues in the first quarter of 2007.
  • Various premium SMS services are able to reach more than 90 percent of mobile users in the US.

Mobile marketing and premium SMS

Not only television shows, but business houses now are also subscribing to mobile marketing technique like premium SMS. This service allows players– in this context, consumers- to participate in various SMS campaigns. These campaigns are intended to pass market information to consumers.

Mobile marketing through premium SMS service can be specially designed to suit customer preferences and choices. Generally, premium SMS is offered to customers without any charges. However, they may be charged for using premium SMS if it involves prize money. Premium SMS can offer text message sweepstakes by asking mobile owners to participate by text message voting. It has evolved as the best amalgamation of mobile advertising and interactive marketing.

Given the time constraints and busy schedules of the people, mobile marketing through premium SMS is going to be the latest tool on the communication platform. Its undemanding character, unlike telemarketing calls, and round the clock accessibility makes them very user friendly and effective.



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