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The Bachelor 2010

You may not know it, but Advanced Telecom Services has a major connection to The Bachelor television show.  For the past several years, ATS has been providing an 800 number for fans to nominate contestants to appear on ABC’s The Bachelor.

Advanced Telecom Services will also be part of the show this year on The Bachelor 2010.  The Bachelor will debut on ABC on January 4, 2010, at 8 PM EST, 7 PM CST.



Marketing Manager Job

Advanced Telecom Services has a job opening for marketing manager.  Please check out details on Craigs List Philadelphia or here on the Advanced Telecom Services blog.


Tiger Woods Chat Line

We’ve all had some fun at Tiger Woods’ expense, but probably not as much as Jimmy Kimmel has had.  Kimmel announces that Tiger Woods has a new source of income — a chat line.



The Year of Mobile is Here

Advanced Telecom Services’ had a banner year in 2009, thus proving that The Year of Mobile Marketing is finally upon us.

Mobile Marketing Site Enjoys Banner Year in 2009



VoiceTone For Rotary Dial Phones

When Advanced Telecom Services began in 1989, it wanted a differentiator

% of homes with rotary phonesIn 1990, 38.5% of US households used rotary dial phones like this one.

in the IVR marketplace.  It wanted something so that it could deliver value to the caller over what other 800 number IVR and 900 number service bureaus offered.

That differentiator was VoiceTone — ATS’s exclusive voice recognition software that enabled rotary dial callers to say their selection as opposed to pressing it on a touchtone phone.

While speech recognition might seem commonplace today, back in 1990, it was far from common.  Rotary callers were simply not able to interact with automated telephone systems until Advanced Telecom Services’ VoiceTone came on the scene.

And, back in 1990, this was a significant market as 38.5% of all households used rotary dial phones!  (See Page 199 of Adult Literacy and New Technologies).


Mobile Marketing Affiliate Program offers an affiliate program.

Advanced Telecom Services mobile marketing affiliate program for is really making some noise in the affiliate marketplace.

With a price point of just $79 per month and a $50 affiliate commission, it’s easy to see why.  Just a simple banner on a business-related site will generate significant revenue for affiliates.

You can read more about our mobile marketing affiliate program here


Wide World of Sports Uses 900 Number from ATS

The internet can be a strange thing.  Sometimes old article posts that were

900 number voting

ABC used a 900 number for voting.

put up years ago suddenly show up on another site.  Such is the case with an article about television programs using 900 numbers.

Majestic51 bills itself as The Ultimate Online Men’s Magazine.  It also has a section about The World of the Weird which is where they put our article.  Makes you wonder, but hey guys, we appreciate the publicity anyway.

The article mentions the 900 number that Advanced Telecom Services did for ABC’s Wide World of Sports a few years ago.  During a figure skating competition in Boston, viewers were able to eliminate the traditional figure skating judges and vote for the skater of their choice through a 900 number or via text message voting.

A great idea, no doubt.  More television programs should be seeking non-traditional revenue through 900 numbers and premium SMS voting programs like ABC’s Wide World of Sports did.

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