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World Telemedia 2009

WT09 focuses on areas that represent a genuine opportunity for service providers and media groups alike whilst showcasing the content, services and applications that consumers will continue to demand in 2009 and beyond: malta 2

  • Chat & Dating
  • Psychic, Horoscope & Life Coaching
  • Casinos & Gambling
  • Competitions, Lotteries & Bingo
  • UGC & Social Networking
  • Information & Entertainment Services
  • Developments in Billing
  • Interactive Media & Marketing
  • Working with Aggregators
  • International Market Updates

This show has consistently brought together delegates from each sector of the Telemedia “value chain” to learn, network and do business in some of Europe’s best hotel venues. Combining seminars, workshops, exhibition, hospitality, 5 star networking and a packed schedule of lavish evening events, WT09 embraces the most exciting areas of web, media, marketing, mobile and fixed line in a unique 24/7-trading environment.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at this valuable industry forum and hope that if you haven’t already booked, you’ll take this opportunity to consider making the trip to Malta.

You’ll find us, Advanced Telecom Services, so we look forward to forward to seeing you there::


  •  Networking Pass Euro 350
  • Full Delegate +Euro 200 or Casino, Lottery and Sports Book +Euro 130
  • Weekend Networking Pass +Euro 150
  • Poker Tournament +Euro 40
  • Buffet or sit down lunch included with all passes
  • Over 300 registered participants
  • Over 30 Sponsors, Exhibitors & Promoters on the show floor
  • Welcome Party – Sunday 26th
  • Cocktails on the Poolside Terrace each night
  • Club 22 Party & Poker Tournament – Monday 27th   

Cool Site of the Day

Advanced Telecom Services’ mobile marketing site was recognized by Cool Site of the Day with a great article.   cool site of the day

Mike Corso of Cool Site of the Day offers a new promotion where you can Text coolsite to 84444

Cool Site of the Day will then enter you into a contest to win a free 60 minute consultation with Corso.  This is a great value when you consider that Corso’s site is one of the highest traffic sites on the internet.

Corso is obviously a huge fan of the site.

“The thing I like about 84444 is that it’s truly ‘do-it-yourself’,” said Corso.  “Setup to execution took me 15 minutes…and the price is right.  Visit 84444 and setup a trial account.”


Advance Telecom Inc. is not Advanced Telecom Services, Inc.

Advanced Telecom Services is not in the business of supplying software downloads from the internet.

Advanced Telecom Services is not in the business of supplying software downloads from the internet.

What if your name were Jeffrey Damer?  Or Adolph Hilter?

It would be tough going through life with a name like that wouldn’t it?

Lately, we at Advanced Telecom Services, Inc., (with offices in Wayne, PennsylvaniaLondon, EnglandPrague, Czech Republic) have been feeling the same way.

You see, there is a company out there on the internet named Advance Telecom Inc. that is creating a less than reputable image.  Numerous people on the internet have been ripped off by Advance Telecom Inc. from the downloading of its software online.

Unfortunately, the name of the alleged ripoff company, Advance Telecom, Inc.,  is eerily similar to our company name, Advanced Telecom Services, Inc. 

When the software is downloaded and payment is made by paypal, the payee often appears as ““.  Like you, we have attempted to find this company, but have been unable to.  Some victims of the Advance Telecom Inc. ripoff have said that it is a company in Pakistan, but we don’t know for sure.

We have heard sale prices from $19.99 to $69.14 for its various products that include Macromedia Flash, Nero 8 DVD burners, AVG virus protection, TokBox, Adobe Reader, iTunes, SpyBot Search & Destroy, and an online virus scanner.

We at Advanced Telecom Services, Inc. have been supplying interactive telephone services since 1989.  Obviously, we would not have enjoyed a 20+ year successful business if we were involved in these sorts of online ripoffs by Advance Telecom Inc.  So, while we sympathize for your financial losses from getting ripped off by that other company, Advance Telecom Inc., please note that we have nothing to do with them.

We are Advanced Telecom Services and are in no way affiliated with the company Advancd Telecom Inc. that is selling software online and has so many complaints against it.

So, please don’t call our offices and yell at us.  We have nothing to do with it.


900 Number Advertising

If you’ve ever tried to place 900 number advertising, you know how difficult it can be.  Some newspapers charge extra for 900 numbers and others don’t accept it at all.



Easy Money! Get A 900 Number!

One of the greatest things about America is the freedom we have. Behind every door and around every corner there is opportunity. Recently my employer asked me to cut down my hours to help defray costs. I needed a way to earn the extra income I was losing and still be able to keep my other job.

I found a great website called This site allows you to set up a 900 number right from your computer. You just go through their simple sign up and you can start promoting your number right away!  I started two weeks ago and I have already made up the difference in my income for the next month!  I started a “Virtual Chat Line” where people can meet and talk. I make over $2 per minute and most calls are an average of 8 minutes. That’s extra money in MY pocket!

I check the call usage each  night right after I put the kids to bed to see how much money I made that day. I can finally get a good night sleep now, knowing I can still pay my bills.


Online Dating Strong Despite Economy

The stock market is down and most people’s 401K’s look more like 101K’s today.

But, don’t tell the online dating market about the poor economy, because it doesn’t really notice.

online dating couple

This couple met on MatchLink

Internet dating sites are booming and theories abound as to why.  Perhaps, it’s because laid off people have more time on their hands.  Maybe, they need to find somebody who has a job to help them through tough economic times.  Or, maybe people are just looking for a little romantic excitement to get them out of the doldrums from the doom and gloom that is reported in the news every night.

The fact is that as most businesses have gone south, online dating has been soaring.  Business is up “about 30%” at online dating provider MatchLink which provides internet dating solutions to radio stationsand newspapers in the United States and Canada.

“Our business is, unfortunately, driven by separation, and financial problems are the major cause of marriages breaking up,” said Bob Bentz, president of Advanced Telecom Services–the company behind the MatchLink brand.  “Our best customer is the separated and divorced 35 to 45-year-old woman and we’ve been seeing that end age grow to the mid-50’s recently.”

According to a recent article in The Economist, 25% more women are actively seeking relationships due to the poor economy.  That’s good news for media wishing to offer an internet dating solution to their readers or listeners.

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