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In 1980, 900 numbers made their national debut during the Reagan-Carter debates.  Viewers called in to vote on who won the debate and both a new presidency and a new polling system were launched.

reagan-carter debates

900 numbers debuted during the Reagan-Carter debates.


Three decades later, 900 numbers are still playing a vital role in the interactive telephone industry.  Long gone are the sex lines and unscrupulous programs that gave the industry a dodgy reputation in its infancy.


Today, one of the most popular applications remains computer software technical support.  We all know how frustrating it can be to wait on hold for such long periods of time while trying to install new software on your personal computer.  With a 900 number, software support is no longer a cost center for the provider, but a break-even help line or even a profit center.


It’s very easy to get started with a technical support 900 number.  Just contact one of the service bureaus that specialize in 900 number services and they can get you started in a matter of days.


The 900 number service bureau will play the mandatory 18-second preamble through its interactive voice response (IVR) system, then redirect the call to the software support team for live consulting.


900 number programs can be charged per minute or per call with the price being set by the provider.  Most software support is priced between $2.99 per minute to $3.99 per minute.  At $3.99 per minute, the company will receive approximately $2.90 which is enough to pay for the team providing the support.



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