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Obama Text Campaign is Biggest Ever

A mobile text message campaign in the United States made history this weekend and it had nothing to do with American Idol or Deal or No Deal.

The Obama campaign sent 2.9 million text messages early Saturday morning announcing that Joe Biden would be Senator Obama’s running mate, according to Nielsen.  How does Nielsen know the number was just shy of 3 million?  Nielsen monitors short code marketing on over 40,000 subscriber lines in the USA, then projects the totals over the entire population.

The Obama campaign has been on the cutting edge of mobile technology since the Illinois senator began his presidential run.  With over 116 million Americans actively using text messaging, it certainly makes sense and makes one wonder why the McCain campaign has no element of mobile marketing at all.

While some supporters claimed that their text message arrived later than expected, there is no doubt of the impact that the Obama text message campaign had on advertising and promotion.  It is mobile marketing campaigns like this that are causing Madison Avenue to wake up to the power that is text message marketing.


Google: “We will make more money from mobile advertising”

If you watch any financial show, you probably watch CNBC’s Mad Money and Jim Cramer.  He makes a relatively dull subject interesting with his antics.

ON Wednesday, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said on Mad Money that he believes mobile advertising revenues fro Google will ultimately outstrip traditional web advertising.  “Over time, we will make more money from mobile advertising,” said Schmidt.  “Not now, but over time.”


Advanced Mobile Solutions Featured in Newspaper Association of America Article

newspaper association of americaAdvanced Mobile Solutions and its vice-president of sales, David Sawyer, are featured in an article today about newspapers and mobile search on the online site of the Newspaper Association of America.

Sited in the story are a few of Advanced Mobile Solutions’ accounts, including Houston Chronicle’s mobile solution and’s mobile program.  Both mobile marketing solutions are handled by Advanced Mobile Solutions.  Advanced Mobile Solutions is a division on Advanced Telecom Services.

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