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Text Messaging and Romance

Recently, I had a rather lovely blind date with a gentleman I’ll call Jim. The evening was pretty much perfect. Great food, good conversation and no groping for any off-limit areas when the night ended. “This was fun,” Jim said, “I’d like to do it again sometime.” I gave him a casual, “Me too,” response and that was it.

Two days later my cell phone snaps me out of a daydream as I stare aimlessly at my computer monitor at work. It’s a text message. Thinking one of my girlfriends must be the sender, I casually open my phone. I’ts Jim. His message reads, “Are you free tomorrow night? I know a great steak place”.

What should I do? Ignore the message for a couple hours so he doesn’t think I am “waiting by the phone?” If I do, will he think that I am not text-message literate and therefore totally un-hip? Or do I respond right away, but with something vague like, “Got ur msg. Busy @ wrk. Call l8tr.”?  Oh the trials and tribulations of advanced technology!!

I decide on a tactic somewhat in-between. I will wait for an hour, text back with, “Sounds gr8. What time were u thinking?” and then he will know I was too busy to respond right away, right? Or maybe my delayed response will make him think I am blowing him off, and he will make other plans! AAAHH!

As I mentally tackle this challenge, the clock continues to tick. Thirty minutes pass. Then forty. Almost an hour now. Is it too soon? Is it too late?

I decide to take a break from my desk, and resolve to text back when I return.  I purposefully leave my cell phone on my desk so I won’t even be tempted by it. But alas, the odds are against me. As I get up and push my chair back getting ready to rise, I inadvertently knock over my giant coffee and it spills all over my desk, soaking my cell phone and all the secrets it holds. It is dead. I know it is as soon as I see the screen fade out. Now there will be no return text message to Jim, no great second date, no blissful romance. Jim’s number is stored in that phone which is now a fish in a pond of coffee, never to be revived again.

I should have texted him back right away.


900 Numbers Celebrate 20th Anniversary

Bob Bentz is co-owner of Advanced Telecom Services with offices in Philadelphia, Canada, London, and Prague. He is well known within the 900 number industry, having written numerous articles for industry publications. Since 1989, Bentz has been an active participant in the establishment of over 30,000 900 number programs.

Opportunity is Calling takes the knowledge gained from Bentz’s vast experience and presents it in an easy-to-read format that is informative for both the beginning information provider and the most seasoned veteran. It is, without a doubt, the most informative manual in the 900 number industry today.

Bob Bentz- Opportunity Is Calling

Opportunity is Calling, How to Start Your Own Sucessful 900 Number, by ATS’ Bob Bentz, recently sold for $149 on Since you are here, you can purchase the ultimate book on 900 numbers for just $29.95. Opportunity is Calling by Bob Bentz, is the best selling book ever written on the 900 number industry.

Please send a check or money order made out to Advanced Telecom Services for $29.95 to:

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Happy Birthday Text Message

The text message celebrated its fifteenth birthday on December 3, 2007.Neil Armstrong

Like most teenagers, the text message has a bright future with untapped potential.  In the mere fifteen years since the first text message was sent, it has changed the way we communicate.  From simple peer to peer communication to mobile advertising, the simple text message has, and will have, a continuing impact on all of our lives.

“That’s one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind.”

These immortal words were spoken by Neil Armstrong–first man on the moon.

The first text message was also sent by a Neil.  It was sent by Neil Papworth, an Airwide Solutions engineer, who sent a text message to his colleague at Vodafone.  While Papworth was busy working overtime, his friend at Vodafone was at his company Christmas party, perhaps with a lamp shade on his head.

The first text message?  Not nearly as profound as Armstrong’s.

“Merry Christmas”

And, a Merry Christmas to you as well.


The Newest Learning Tool? The Cell Phone

Yes, it is here. It is the age in which teachers use the ubiquitous cell phone as a tool in their classrooms. That is what one instructor at UNLV is doing to teach students about the English language.

Text messaging finds its roots in on-line instant messaging programs, but has emerged into a platform from which people send 1 billion text messages per year. Text messaging has what most languages have, it’s own dictionary which is being updated daily. This language has made its way into the everyday life of students everywhere.

Teachers have seen text-speak show up in tests in the form of”b/c” for because, “thx” for thanks and “4” instead of for. But, argue some, these appearances of text-speak may provide a valuable learning experience.


There are teachers who believe that a discussion about the differences between various slang and ‘standard English’ stemming from a student’s “text message instead of English” errors would be more than justified. The material would be more personal to the student than just a workbook page for example. That would make the lesson stick.


There are also students, to whom English is a second language. Some of these students explain that because text messaging is in English, it has helped them to use English more. Instead of a mix between their native language and English, as some of these students will speak, text messaging is all English.

Teachers have expressed however, that the act of text messaging itself is a distraction to the texting student, students around him/her and therefore the teacher, while in the classroom.

Text messaging is an easy and quick way to communicate with others. Students should take care however; to ensure that text-speak does not appear in their school work and to be considerate of others. The best way to do this can be as simple as a thorough proofreading of all assignments. This takes patience, time and effort, but will pay off greatly.

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