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What Colors Do The Opposite Sex Prefer?

Before online dating and mobile (aka cell phone or text) dating, people met the old fashioned way; at a bar, or a party or even the gym. Someone just might catch your eye, across the room. Maybe it was their smile, maybe a great outfit or an athletic build. Whatever it was, it was something that you saw. 

Today, first impressions are not about what you first see, but what you learn about a person by reading their profile on line, or by chatting through text.  How do they spend their free time?  What kind of career do they have? Do they have kids? Are they from the area originally?  Do they like to play or watch sports? Do they go out and dance every Saturday night, or prefer to stay in and cook?

Actually seeing the person that has captured your interest through text or on-line is the last thing that happens when people connect nowadays, not the first! It is the polar opposite of what dating used to be.  Therefore, if you really think about it, modern technology has provided potential daters with the ever-elusive second chance at a first impression! It’s the first time you actually meet face to face, in the flesh. It’s the Second First Impression.

Relating to this are the color preferences between the sexes. Why? Well, because what’s the first question everyone asks themselves and any friend who will listen when they are looking forward to that first in-the-flesh meeting?  What should I wear?

Studies suggest that everyone likes blue.  It is the color that receives the most votes across the board, regardless of age or gender. Purple however, is the second most favorite among women, whereas it is the overall least favorite of men. Green gets 14% of the votes for both men and women.  Orange is equally low among both sexes, as is brown, yellow and white.

These are important statistics to know in this mobile dating, and online dating world for several reasons, beyond knowing what to wear on the Second First Impression date.

For example, what does your social networking page look like?  If you are a woman, trying to attract men, by all means, do not make purple your dominant design color. Remember, men do not like it, and may click right past your page.

Then there’s your font color.  Are you a girl who likes to send text messages in Dark Cyan or Bright Magenta?  A Dark Blue or Dark Green will be much better received!

Third, and most obvious, is The Outfit. Among both sexes, orange is the color that people tend to associate with being cheap and inexpensive.  Blue is appealing to most, and seems to have a calming and relaxing affect. With black getting only a 1% vote for least favorite among men and white getting 3% for least favorite color among women, you can use these color preferences to put together an appealing, Second First Impression outfit with no problem at all!

 Source: Color Assignment by Joe Hallock, @


Text Messaging: R U In2 It?

 I am an avid text-messager.  Detractors say it’s impersonal, it’s cold.  I say, get with the times people!  It’s efficient. It’s easy. It’s private, and it’s pretty much free when I bundle it with the other cool stuff on my phone.   

And I sleep with my phone.  It wakes me every morning. It vibrates on my mattress, and gently lulls me awake better than any alarm clock on the planet.  I wake up happy to see my shiny little plastic friend lying next to me. He is so considerate and unobtrusive.


But back to text messaging. It is the bomb diggity. I can text my kids while they are in class (even though the school told me I am not allowed to) to find out how their day is.  Cut the cord you say?  Nah, not yet.  They love it. And I am the “Cool Mom” that everybody loves. That’s why all my kids’ friends love to come over to my house.  See where this is going? Yup, I am that smart.  Keep an eye on the little cherubs and troublemakers 24/7 because they love being around me.  See how effective text messaging can be in the Parenting column?


I text message my boyfriend. He is a moody, young-blood who can surprise me with his testosterone fueled anger some days. Solution?  Text him in the morning.  “Good morning!” I send.  If I get a “J” back, then I know the coast is clear.  If there is no response, his calls go into VM the rest of the day. Text messaging is like my own personal emotional bodyguard.


This brings me to my ex-husband.  Dear Lord!  What did women DO before text messaging??  Like many, I have had the unfortunate 4-year I-am-trying-to-get-divorced-without-going-broke experience. We are on generally civil terms right now (today) and I credit text messaging with that.


E-mail could never have blocked the anger and poison that would drip from every one of our communications in the last four years.  But texting does. “C U @ Marriot @ 5pm” is the extent of it these days when we are scheduling an exchange of our kids. “Runng l8. B there in 15” is a common text I’ll get from Mr. Reliable… Even as I work my thumb through a dreadful cramp as I punch out “Sum things nevr change!” I am thankful that I have this tool.  Without it, my kids might be minus one dad.


If only my divorce attorney accepted text.  SHE charges $26.50 per e-mail!!


So for me, and perhaps for many moms like me, text messaging is the communication tool of the future. Without it I might be the mother of some trouble-making, gang member, wild-child, be minus one very hot boyfriend, and could be in jail for leading my kids’ father to the crocodile pond at the zoo after they’ve been fasting for 3 weeks. Now that is a truly amazing feat!


Text Messaging Use By Retailers

Retailers are “capturing” their elusive, on-the-go customers with Mobile Marketing programs designed to deliver real-time advertising in consumers’ pockets 

Today, the marketing budget of retailers has to be much more diversified than it was a decade ago. Traditional media has fallen fast in its position of effectiveness and this has forced retailers to accept that the consumer is in greater control than ever before. 

Consumers today are on the move. And they rely on their cell phones to keep them informed and organized.  Presently in the United States, 84% of the population uses a mobile phone, and over one half of those mobile subscribers regularly use text messaging. In fact, text messaging is the number one feature that people use on their cell phones outranking picture taking and playing music. (Pew Internet & American Life Project Associated Press and AOL). In many opinions, it may be “the most powerful advertising medium of all time” (NY Times).

Contrary to popular belief, the profile of a frequent text messenger is not limited to teenagers. More and more, text messengers mirror the typical high-value retail customer.  They are mostly adults 35 and over, with an annual income at or above $75,000. (American Consumer Institute).

All of the above have made text messaging the obvious choice for the next medium which retailers must manipulate if they want to keep in touch with their target consumers. Text message advertising can reach these consumers right in their pocket.

Several retailers have already jumped on the idea of text message advertising and text message coupons. The results have been very positive.  

Target Corp. has been sending text message advertising to its customers since 2005.  Customers opt-in to the service from the company’s website and subsequently receive messages to alert them when a new fashion designer is going to have product in their stores. This has been shown to increase in-store traffic, and provide a valuable database for the company.

Uncle Ed’s Oil Shoppe, out of Battle Creek Michigan uses text message advertising to send out mobile coupons. Customers send the word, “Uncleeds” to the short code WYCD1 and receive a message back telling them “This is your $5 off coupon. Show this text message at checkout”. Customers love the fact that they don’t have to cut anything out or remember to bring it along, because they always have their cell phone with them!


In addition, restaurants have taken advantage of the immediacy of text messaging.  For example, upon opt-in, customers can receive alerts about lunch specials right before the lunch hour. Some will even text a mobile coupon which the customer shows to their server to receive the discount or promotion.


To ignore the value of text messaging as an essential part of retail advertising, is to be a follower, not a leader in the industry.

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