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What is a Good Click Through Rate for Facebook and Mobile?

A common question that we get here at ATS Mobile is: what is a good click through rate for Facebook advertising?  Or, what is a good click through rate for mobile?

high click through rate Facebook

PINPOINT TARGETING: A Facebook ad like this one is geared toward a very specific occupation and will elicit a high click through rate.

Often, that’s a difficult question to answer.  It’s akin to: how much does it cost to build a house?

Relevance Raises Response Rates

There are just so many different factors involved like:

All that being said, I hate not giving a customer or prospect an answer so here goes:

A good click through rate on Facebook news feed advertising is 5%.  An excellent rate is 8%.  In checking our statistics from the past year, our low click through rate (for primarily a branding program) was a little over 1% and the best was a highly targeted local promotion that notched an 11% click through rate.

Now, let’s talk general mobile advertising.  It’s a little different here, because general mobile advertising on the mobile networks can’t command the kind of pinpoint targeting that Facebook offers.  Therefore, it will never be quite as high.  Taking out fat finger click throughs, we like to say 1 of 130 ads served will result in a click through.  Therefore, 7/10 of 1% is a good click through rate for mobile advertising.

Same thing here.  There’s a lot of variables.  Most notably:

  • ad size
  • rich media use
  • interstitial
  • target market

The important thing about mobile, however, is not what your initial click through rate is, but where it ends.  At ATS Mobile, we take a look at your results every morning and we are always optimizing for the best performing creative or the best performing offer.

After all, that’s why you’re paying us.



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Ask the Experts: Mobile Marketing for Pizza Restaurants

mobile marketing pizza restaurants

SLICE OF LIFE: ATS Mobile President Bob Bentz was featured in this article for PMQ Pizza Magazine.


There’s a great article on Pizza Magazine this month about mobile marketing for pizza restaurants.  What’s even better is that ATS Mobile was one of the focal points of the article on how pizza restaurants can sell more with mobile marketing.

Want to read the article?  Of course, you do.

Check it out here.

Not sure if mobile marketing works for restaurants.  Check out our testimonials of what we’ve done for other restaurants.

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Thanksgiving = More Food Sales for your Restaurant

What could be more appropriate on Thanksgiving Day (in our US office) than to talk about our restaurant clients and how mobile marketing works for them.


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First Snowfall = Targeted Mobile Advertising

It seems appropriate for ATS’s Scott Bronenberg to talk about targeted mobile advertising today.  Bronenberg braved the storm to bring you this mobile marketing advice from just outside our doors at ATS Mobile.



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Our Short Code Messaging Works on Both Sides of the Border

For almost 26 years, ATS has been involved in the IVR business.  And, one of the great things about IVR is that if you set up a toll free 800 number service in either the United States or Canada, it will travel cross border.

Not so when it comes to short code messaging.  Text message marketing by short code is unique to both the USA and Canada.  Meaning, that you need to set up your services with vendors on both sides of the border.

But, ATS has taken a bit of the pain out of that by securing the same short code in both the US and Canada.  Thus, there’s no need to change your advertising and if you get spill over customers in the other country, it will work just the same, because your services are activated with both the American and Canadian carriers.

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Text Messaging for Retail, Radio Plus International, MMS, Text to Landline

Want to know more about text message marketing?

The following three videos will give you an idea of how text message marketing is still the go-to mobile marketing tool for businesses.

Interviews by Brad Bierman.

Our Newest Product Offerings: International, MMS, Text to Landline

In the first video, Bob Bentz talks about how ATS Mobile wisely chose the same short code in both the United States and Canada.  What that means for you is that your text message marketing will work the same in both countries and you won’t have to change your advertising creative to accommodate both countries.  In addition, Bentz discusses some recent enhancements to its messaging services which now include:

  • International Texting
  • MMS Picture Messaging
  • Text to Landline — we can now soon offer you the ability to send a text message to your landline phone.


Text Messaging for Radio Stations

In the second video, ATS’s Steve Gonzalez discusses the importance of a mobile marketing messaging strategy to engage radio station listeners.


Holiday Texting Tips for Retailers

Finally, Scott Bronenberg discusses the upcoming holiday season and the importance of text message marketing for retailers.


Want to watch more videos from our Mobile Marketing Knowledge College?  Click here to watch last month’s videos.

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PINPOINT TARGETING: How Facebook Knows Your Interests

Find Out What Facebook Knows About You

Are you frightened by what businesses know about you on the internet?  You’re not alone.  Companies like Google and Facebook have been mining our information for years.

While this may upset some, it’s a cost of using their services.

And, it’s a huge benefit to advertisers.  It’s why Facebook advertising, for instance, is so darn effective.

Go to your favorite site and see that Facebook LIKE icon there and whether you post the story on your Facebook page or not, Facebook just learned something about you.

Want to know what Facebook knows about you?  You can easily find out.  Just follow my steps here.

  1. Open your Facebook page.
  2. Look for a paid advertisement on your page.
  3. In the upper right hand corner of the ad, click on the “v” to open the drop down.
  4. Next, click on “Why am I seeing this?”
  5. Next, “Manage Your Ad Preferences”
  6. Now, you will come face to face with the topics that Facebook associates with you.  Change them if you wish!

That makes sense then how they knew I liked water sports.

Facebook Advertising

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Event Video: Beerfest Royale in King of Prussia

It seemed like a natural fit for ATS Mobile to sponsor the Beerfest Royale in King of Prussia on October 2 & 4, 2014.  After all, we love beer and we love King of Prussia, Pennsylvania too.

One employee even said “I love you” when I told him he’d be attending the event on behalf of the company and I don’t hear that very often.

While the employees found this to be a rather “enjoyable” assignment, it also is a great indicator of the kind of talent that ATS Mobile has when creating an event video like Beerfest.

So, sit back, watch the video, and enjoy a cold one with us.

To learn more about what our Philadelphia based event and corporate video, always optimized for mobile, can do for you, click here.



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