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Our Short Code Messaging Works on Both Sides of the Border

For almost 26 years, ATS has been involved in the IVR business.  And, one of the great things about IVR is that if you set up a toll free 800 number service in either the United States or Canada, it will travel cross border.

Not so when it comes to short code messaging.  Text message marketing by short code is unique to both the USA and Canada.  Meaning, that you need to set up your services with vendors on both sides of the border.

But, ATS has taken a bit of the pain out of that by securing the same short code in both the US and Canada.  Thus, there’s no need to change your advertising and if you get spill over customers in the other country, it will work just the same, because your services are activated with both the American and Canadian carriers.

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Text Messaging for Retail, Radio Plus International, MMS, Text to Landline

Want to know more about text message marketing?

The following three videos will give you an idea of how text message marketing is still the go-to mobile marketing tool for businesses.

Interviews by Brad Bierman.

Our Newest Product Offerings: International, MMS, Text to Landline

In the first video, Bob Bentz talks about how ATS Mobile wisely chose the same short code in both the United States and Canada.  What that means for you is that your text message marketing will work the same in both countries and you won’t have to change your advertising creative to accommodate both countries.  In addition, Bentz discusses some recent enhancements to its messaging services which now include:

  • International Texting
  • MMS Picture Messaging
  • Text to Landline — we can now soon offer you the ability to send a text message to your landline phone.


Text Messaging for Radio Stations

In the second video, ATS’s Steve Gonzalez discusses the importance of a mobile marketing messaging strategy to engage radio station listeners.


Holiday Texting Tips for Retailers

Finally, Scott Bronenberg discusses the upcoming holiday season and the importance of text message marketing for retailers.


Want to watch more videos from our Mobile Marketing Knowledge College?  Click here to watch last month’s videos.

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PINPOINT TARGETING: How Facebook Knows Your Interests

Find Out What Facebook Knows About You

Are you frightened by what businesses know about you on the internet?  You’re not alone.  Companies like Google and Facebook have been mining our information for years.

While this may upset some, it’s a cost of using their services.

And, it’s a huge benefit to advertisers.  It’s why Facebook advertising, for instance, is so darn effective.

Go to your favorite site and see that Facebook LIKE icon there and whether you post the story on your Facebook page or not, Facebook just learned something about you.

Want to know what Facebook knows about you?  You can easily find out.  Just follow my steps here.

  1. Open your Facebook page.
  2. Look for a paid advertisement on your page.
  3. In the upper right hand corner of the ad, click on the “v” to open the drop down.
  4. Next, click on “Why am I seeing this?”
  5. Next, “Manage Your Ad Preferences”
  6. Now, you will come face to face with the topics that Facebook associates with you.  Change them if you wish!

That makes sense then how they knew I liked water sports.

Facebook Advertising

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Event Video: Beerfest Royale in King of Prussia

It seemed like a natural fit for ATS Mobile to sponsor the Beerfest Royale in King of Prussia on October 2 & 4, 2014.  After all, we love beer and we love King of Prussia, Pennsylvania too.

One employee even said “I love you” when I told him he’d be attending the event on behalf of the company and I don’t hear that very often.

While the employees found this to be a rather “enjoyable” assignment, it also is a great indicator of the kind of talent that ATS Mobile has when creating an event video like Beerfest.

So, sit back, watch the video, and enjoy a cold one with us.

To learn more about what our Philadelphia based event and corporate video, always optimized for mobile, can do for you, click here.



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VIDEO: How To Update Your WordPress Website

Quick and Easy Web Development for Harrisburg Businesses

Ever get those boxes that say “easy installation”?

It never is, right?

Until now.

At ATS Mobile, we’ve found the key to giving our clients easy access to updating their company websites.

We provide handy videos like the one you see below.  We know it’s a lot to take in from the initial meeting if you don’t have experience with WordPress.  That’s why we give you these video tutorials.  You probably won’t be updating your website that often, so now you’ll have something easy and efficient to refer to when you need to.  Just watch the video!

We’ve been developing new websites for businesses in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas for several years.  Those sites will always be optimized for mobile phones and tablets and if you aren’t doing so already, you should be.  Just take a look at the statistics of the amount of accesses to the internet from mobile!  And, it’s still climbing every year!

Percent of Accesses to Internet from Mobile – 2014

mobile access to web

38% of all organic web accesses are now from mobile phones.

Video Tutorial:  Update Your WordPress Website with Ease

Take a look at the handy video tutorials that we do for all of our web development clients and let us know if we can help your Harrisburg business, or business anywhere, with a new website.  All in responsive and/or adaptive design to ensure that you have a mobile-first approach to your business marketing.


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4 Expert Videos on Text Message Marketing

In October, the focus of the Mobile Marketing Knowledge College interviews were on text message marketing.  ATS Mobile’s Brad Bierman, a qualified expert in this field himself, interviewed key staffers to get their insights and advice on how to best utilize text message marketing in an overall mobile, digital and traditional marketing plan.  Discussion topics include: retail; apartments; restaurants; strategy.

Listen to our mobile marketing consultants give advice on SMS marketing.


Text Message Marketing for Retail Stores

by Scott Bronenberg



Text Message Marketing for Apartments

by Barb Breeser

Text Message Marketing for Restaurants

by Kevin Campbell

Text Message Marketing Strategies

by Bob Bentz


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Remembering Bob Lansinger

ATS Staff circa 1992

Bob Lansinger (green jacket) with some of the ATS staff, circa 1992.

One of the great things about being in business so long is that you get a chance to meet ordinary people who are quite extraordinary.

Such a man was Bob Lansinger.

Bob was our AT&T representative at Advanced Telecom Services in the early 1990′s.  He was instrumental in helping us grow into a much bigger company through the decade of the 90′s.

More importantly, however, he was our friend.  He lived in the same township as my long-time business partner Bret Dunlap and me.  Our three daughters went to the same high school together, played sports together, and my daughter and his even went to the same college together at Clemson.

My fondest memories of Bob was when we first started the business in suburban Philadelphia and I was still living in Connecticut until we knew for sure that the business was going to warrant a permanent move.  My life was pretty tough then, leaving on Monday morning and returning home on Thursday night with a young son at home that I missed tremendously.  I basically worked all day, because I didn’t have anything else to do.

Bob was the first person in the area who invited me to his home and I remember how nice it was to get out of the office and hang out with a nice family at night.  I’ll never forget what a kind gesture that was and how it was so much nicer to be in the Lansinger home with my friend than at a restaurant with my vendor.

You’ll never meet a kinder person than Bob Lansinger.

Thanks for all you did for our business Bob and thanks even more for being our friend.

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ATS Mobile Capabilities

Our Mobile Marketing Product Line

At ATS Mobile, we do so many things that sometimes it’s kind of hard to keep track of them.  That’s why we’ve put together this presentation to give you an overview of what it is that we exactly do from a product perspective.

Of course, what we really do is talk to you and find out what your needs are, then come up with a strategy to drive digital and mobile engagement with your customers.


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