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Ringless Voicemail: Great for Sales Prospecting

It seems like every time we talk to somebody about ringless voicemail, they are very intrigued.  The first question is usually: “how can you do that?”

Well, we don’t want to give away our special sauce, but what we do end up with is the ability to leave a voicemail on the phone of the recipient without ever ringing the phone!

The reason Ringless Voicemail is so darn effective as a marketing tool is that you don’t actually ring the phone.  Imagine, if you will, the poor response you’d get from most consumers if they received an automated phone call from your business.  But, with Ringless Voicemail, the message goes right on the voicemail, without interrupting the consumer.

“Most of the clients we have are businesses that want to leave a message quickly for their opt-in customers,” said Bob Bentz, president of ATS.  “Others are companies prospecting for sales leads.  It works really well for prospecting since sales is such a numbers game any more and its increasingly difficult to get the prospect to answer your calls anyway.”

Listen as ATS’s Bob Bentz talks more about Ringless Voicemail and how it can help your business.

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Text Enable Your Business Landline Phone

We recently text-enabled our long time landline phone here in the office and we learned something very interesting.

People are Texting Our Landline

We’ve already received several text messages from customers and prospects.  In most cases, they simply didn’t realize that it was a landline.  In some cases, they didn’t even think to call they line — they simply prefer to text.

Text to Landline is a great tool for lead generation and for customer service.  Watch this video for more information.


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58% Restaurant Website Visits are From Mobile

Majority of Chili’s Website Visitors Come from Mobile

I have long been an advocate of restaurant’s having a viable mobile marketing strategy — a strategy that at its basics includes:

mobile visits for restaurants

58% of Chili’s website visits come from mobile.

  • text message marketing
  • mobile optimized website
  • online ordering
  • Facebook advertising

It certainly makes sense that a restaurant would over-achieve in relation to the average when it comes to the percentage of website visitors that come from mobile.  Its a statistic, however, that I had never seen…until now.

Chili’s has long been one of the best when it comes to mobile marketing.  It wasn’t until this article was released, however, that I first learned that 58% of Chili’s website visitors come from mobile.  I would think that for take out restaurants, such as pizza restaurants, this percentage would be even higher.

Compare Chili’s versus the others in the article:

Percent of Visitors from Mobile

Chili’s = 58%

Amazon = 49%

Google = 48%

New York Times = 38%

BING = 33%

Hungry for Profits

A restaurant that follows the lead of Chili’s has the chance to greatly increase its profits.  Check out Restaurants To Go for more information on how a restaurant can sell more with mobile.

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Mobile Marketing Statistics

I am humbled to have been selected to teach Communications 4318 (Mobile Marketing) at the University of Denver beginning on Monday, January 5, 2015.  I’ve been working diligently in preparing the company for 2015, but also in preparing for my first-ever college level teaching gig.

Here’s some statistics on mobile marketing that will be provided to the graduate level students during the first week of class next week.



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Clever Use for Ringless Voicemail

Santa Claus is Coming to Town Your Phone

It seems from the attendance at our office and the offices of our customers this week that everybody is in the Christmas spirit these days.

So, we decided to take advantage of that fact by doing a clever ringless voicemail campaign for our 84444.com and 84444.ca customers.

Ringless voicemail gives businesses the ability to send large amounts of automated phone calls to its customer or prospect list.  But, really, who wants to receive an automated phone call today?

That’s where ringless voicemail is so much better than automated phone calls.  With ringless voicemail, you never interrupt the busy day of your recipient.  Instead, you leave a voicemail on their mobile or landline phone without ever having to ring the phone!

It’s magical!

Ringless voicemail is a terrific add-on product to your existing text message marketing, because it gives your product additional frequency.

And, who’s not going to listen to a message from Santa Claus?

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What is a Good Click Through Rate for Facebook and Mobile?

A common question that we get here at ATS Mobile is: what is a good click through rate for Facebook advertising?  Or, what is a good click through rate for mobile?

high click through rate Facebook

PINPOINT TARGETING: A Facebook ad like this one is geared toward a very specific occupation and will elicit a high click through rate.

Often, that’s a difficult question to answer.  It’s akin to: how much does it cost to build a house?

Relevance Raises Response Rates

There are just so many different factors involved like:

All that being said, I hate not giving a customer or prospect an answer so here goes:

A good click through rate on Facebook news feed advertising is 5%.  An excellent rate is 8%.  In checking our statistics from the past year, our low click through rate (for primarily a branding program) was a little over 1% and the best was a highly targeted local promotion that notched an 11% click through rate.

Now, let’s talk general mobile advertising.  It’s a little different here, because general mobile advertising on the mobile networks can’t command the kind of pinpoint targeting that Facebook offers.  Therefore, it will never be quite as high.  Taking out fat finger click throughs, we like to say 1 of 130 ads served will result in a click through.  Therefore, 7/10 of 1% is a good click through rate for mobile advertising.

Same thing here.  There’s a lot of variables.  Most notably:

  • ad size
  • rich media use
  • interstitial
  • target market

The important thing about mobile, however, is not what your initial click through rate is, but where it ends.  At ATS Mobile, we take a look at your results every morning and we are always optimizing for the best performing creative or the best performing offer.

After all, that’s why you’re paying us.



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Ask the Experts: Mobile Marketing for Pizza Restaurants

mobile marketing pizza restaurants

SLICE OF LIFE: ATS Mobile President Bob Bentz was featured in this article for PMQ Pizza Magazine.


There’s a great article on PMQ.com Pizza Magazine this month about mobile marketing for pizza restaurants.  What’s even better is that ATS Mobile was one of the focal points of the article on how pizza restaurants can sell more with mobile marketing.

Want to read the article?  Of course, you do.

Check it out here.

Not sure if mobile marketing works for restaurants.  Check out our testimonials of what we’ve done for other restaurants.

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Thanksgiving = More Food Sales for your Restaurant

What could be more appropriate on Thanksgiving Day (in our US office) than to talk about our restaurant clients and how mobile marketing works for them.


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