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Promote Your App with Video

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Apple App Store Now Allows App Preview Videos on Product Pages

It’s not easy getting your app noticed.

At the June, 2014 Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference, the company announced that it now has over 1.2 million apps in its store.  Just a year ago, at the same conference, Apple said that it had 900,000 applications in its store.

The ever increasing size of the app store has led many developers to try to game the system to enable their app to shoot above the din of apps that are a part of the store.  Others are spending lots of money advertising on media and especially on social media websites such as Facebook.  In fact, apps download advertising on Facebook makes up a whopping 59% of its advertising revenue!

Coupled with Apple’s announcement of the new iPhone 6 and the iWatch on September 9, 2014, was a less exciting one for the general public, but perhaps a more exciting one for apps marketers and developers.  In the Apple App Store, you are now able to insert a 15 to 30 second video promoting your specific app .  The video resides on your app product page on the App Store.  Such a short video will demonstrate the features, functionality, and user interface of your app.

Here’s a sample promotional video from USA Hockey that acts as a Apple App Store video.



If you’re looking for a longer video to give your users more information about the app, check out this one that we did for the US Olympic Committee.



Can we help you sell more app downloads by creating a video for your next or existing app?





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How Many of Us are Ordering Take-Out via Mobile?

The decision on where to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a spontaneous one (see the stats here).  So, if your text message or search reaches their mobile phone at the right time, there’s a good chance that they will choose your establishment.

A recent study from the National Restaurant Association shows just how important it is to have a mobile-optimized website.  If your website is not mobile optimized, 61% of potential customers will simply leave for one that is.  (Source = Google)  An astonishing 46% of people went online to find directions to a restaurant and 23% ordered by mobile.


How many people order from restaurants via a mobile phone

46% are checking out where your restaurant is via mobile.

Here’s why people are ordering from their mobile phone, instead of the old-fashioned way.  For baby boomers and Millenials, it’s mostly about ease of ordering and not having to wait.

mobile restaurant ordering

Is your restaurant website mobile friendly?


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Smartphone Use by Age Group

It’s always interesting to see that even older Americans are now jumping on the smartphone bandwagon.  Do I hear apps?

These mobile statistics follow up a study from August which showed Orlando as the top American city for smartphone ownership.


smartphone use age

2014 Smartphone Use by Age Group – USA

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SO MO LO: How to Engage with a Social Mobile Local Consumer

Barb Osier Breeser is Guest Speaker at Clive Chamber of Commerce

ATS’s Barb Osier Breeser will be the guest speaker on September 10 at the Clive (Iowa) Chamber of Commerce meeting.  Barb will talk about the best way to connect with customers on social media and on the right device that will help you make the sale.

The speaking opportunity comes off of a tremendously successful webinar that Barb did on social media as part of the ATS Mobile Marketing Knowledge College.

To register for the event, click here.

Barb Osier Breeser of ATS Mobile

Barb Osier Breeser, ATS Mobile

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Learn More About Mobile Marketing at Our Webinars

At ATS, we do a lot of lead generation for our customers and we do a lot of lead generation for ourselves too.  In fact, its our MOBILE MARKETING KNOWLEDGE COLLEGE webinars that brings in a considerable amount of business leads for us.

Here’s a little bit of Friday awesomeness for you in anticipation of the long end of summer (NO!) Labor Day Weekend.


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Why Facebook is Like Your Local Pub

Facebook Advertising and Social Media Management

Social media advertising is a big part of what we do here at ATS Mobile.  We’ve had some INCREDIBLE RESULTS with social media advertising, especially with Facebook advertising.

ATS Mobile’s Barb Breeser, our talented new mobile marketing expert from Des Moines, spoke about social media marketing as part of our ATS Mobile Marketing Knowledge College last week.  Missed Barb’s presentation?  You can watch it here.



Want to download the slides from Barb’s webinar?  You can find them here on Slide Share.

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ORLANDO: No Mickey Mouse City for Smartphone Use

A whole new world of opportunity opens up with smartphones, including sending push messages from mobile apps.

Here’s an interesting study of which US cities have the highest rate of smartphone ownership.

Where does your city rank?

Orlando top city for smartphone use

ITS MAGIC: Orlando leads the way.

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Text Message Marketing for Gyms in Canada

Did you know that we also provide text message marketing in Canada?  And, that it works really great for health clubs, gyms, and mixed martial arts training centers?

One of our customers liked it so much that she didn’t just make an ordinary testimonial for us, she made a video testimonial that really kicks ass.


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