Geo-Conquesting with Mobile Advertising

If you’ve been around the advertising world a while, you’ve probably heard of the term “conquesting.”  We used to use it when I was in the television advertising business.  If a local business was going to have a news story about them on the local newscast, you’d call the competitor that you represent to sell them an additional advertisement within the same newscast.

Mobile advertising, however, takes conquesting to a whole new level with geo-conquesting, as you’ll learn from ATS’s Bob Bentz who speaks from Frawley Stadium–home of the Wilmington Blue Rocks.


Some of the best practices for geo-conquesting include:

  • Tell the consumer how close they are to your store.
  • Provide easy access to a map or directions on how to get back to your store.
  • Allow them to ask questions immediately, like through our Text Anytime product.
  • Provide a powerful alternative.  They are probably about to buy NOW, so you need to give them a good reason to divert back to your store.  If not, you’ve lost them.  Make them an offer they can’t refuse!

Race for the Ring

London Jewelers sponsored Race for the Ring at Flushing Meadows Park on Saturday.  Over 220 couples participated in a text message scavenger hunt with the grand prize being a $20,000 diamond ring!

London Jewelers Race for the Ring

Over 220 couples learn the rules for Race for the Ring.


Contestants were given clues via text message.  When they answered the clue, they were then given their next challenge.  To solve the challenges, couples needed to find various landmarks in the park and retrieve the correct responses.  The game was ninety minutes long and varying point values were given for each question.

Scavenger Hunt games

Contestants hustled around the park to solve clues received via text message.

Watch as the final winner receives a phone call, only somebody’s Mom called at just the wrong time!


scavenger hunt proposal

As hoped, the game culminated in a proposal for the winners.

The game was promoted by XVoke with the text messaging technology provided by ATS.


Top 20 Marketing Experts on Social Media

Anyone in the mobile marketing field knows how important it is to stay informed on all the recent news and information related to the field.  With all the information available, however, it can be hard to decipher who to listen and who to skip.  Well, we’re here to help.  Check out our list of the Top 20 companies and people talking about mobile marketing on social media who YOU need to follow.

Top 20 Social Media Marketers to Follow

  1. MMA Global (Facebook, Twitter): an international association that seeks to promote both mobile marketing and advertising as critical communication tools.
  2. Mashable (Facebook, Twitter, Google+): self-described as the leading information of resources for the current “Connected Generation”
  3. Marketing Charts (Facebook, Twitter): breaks down the the latest trends in both digital and traditional marketing through charts, data, video, and other visuals.
  4. Marketing Profs (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+): provides marketing advice for close to 600,000 smart marketers worldwide.
  5. Engadget (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+): Without mobile gadgets, there can be no mobile marketing. Follow Engadget to find out about all the latest mobile devices being released for public enjoyment – and for marketing.
  6. IntoMobile (Facebook, Twitter): A top source for breaking news on mobile technology.
  7. Mobile Marketing Watch (Facebook, Twitter): As the self-proclaimed “pulse of the mobile marketing industry”, never miss MMW insight on consumer and B-2-B marketing via mobile.
  8. Mobile Commerce Daily: Stuck trying to figure out how to integrate commerce into your mobile strategy? Mobile Commerce Daily not only offers tips on how to do so, but shares how other pros do it effectively.
  9. Mobile Marketing Magazine (Facebook, Twitter, Google+): The best online print and online media magazine source for the international mobile marketing industry.
  10. Social Media Today (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) Provides followers with information on the latest social media trends and effective tools from a variety of bloggers.
  11. Greg Stuart - Current CEO for MMA Global who has been an expert in both the traditional and digital marketing world for over 30 years.  He is the former CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau and author of What Sticks: Why Most Advertising Fails and How to Guarantee Yours Succeeds. 
  12. David Murphy – Co-founder and editorial director for Mobile Marketing Magazine who discusses both news and events related to mobile marketing on Twitter.
  13. Samantha Murphy Kelley: a Tech Reporter at Mashable whose work has appeared online at CNN, Yahoo, CBS News, and even on radio shows like NPR.  Kelley keeps Twitter followers up-to-date on news in the digital world.
  14. Kim Dushinki: As President of Mobile Marketing Profits and founder of the International Mobile Marketing Business Network, Dushinki is essentially a mobile marketing guru.  Follow this author The Mobile Marketing Handbook to find out about all there is to know about the field we love best – mobile marketing.
  15. Ian Huckabee: a popular social strategist and technologist from the New York areae who shares information on mobile technology via Twitter.
  16. Mark Johnson: As President and CEO for Loyalty360, Johnson provides those in the marketing world with insight on how to  build customer loyalty to one’s business or brand – especially through mobile.
  17. Geoff Alexander (Facebook,Twitter): this award-winning Google Adwords Specialist and Consultant helps businesses of all sizes boost their SEO results for the most popular search engine.
  18. Saffron Brady: A Digital Marketer from Dublin who keeps followers in the loop about the online marketing industry worldwide.
  19. Brianna Smith: Smith is a Marketing Coordinator in the St. Louis area specializing in social media for Fpweb.net. Follow her to get information on the social media world from a marketer’s perspective.
  20. Internet Marketing: Offers daily insight into online marketing in all its forms (Mobile, Search Engine, Internet, SEO).

Mobile Marketing for Apartments in Delaware

How to Fill any Vacancies at Your Apartments in Delaware

ATS Mobile participated in the Delaware Apartment Association Trade Show on Thursday, April 10, at The Chase Center on the Riverfront in Wilmington yesterday.

ATS has had great success in generating additional occupancy for apartments.  It simply makes sense when you think about it.  Apartment dwellers tend to be young adults that are very mobile-centric.  And, that’s just what we are!

Delaware Apartment Association interview about mobile marketing

Brad Bierman is interviewed by Melinda Bosco, president of the Delaware Apartment Association.

Just two weeks ago, ATS was involved in the Pennsylvania Apartment Association trade show right here in our building at the Valley Forge Casino Resort.



ABC Uses ATS Mobile and Text Message Voting

Remember the days when not everybody really knew how to send a text message?  Watch this video and you’ll see that it really wasn’t that long ago.

ABC’s Wide World of Sports hired ATS Mobile to provide a text message voting program to allow customers to vote for the best male and female skater in its show.



Let Your Users’ Fingers Do The Talking (UI Design & Testing)

While the Windows team at Microsoft faced widespread shock and dismay at the radical UI changes in Windows 8, feedback from users helps them to shape the OS into what the world wants it to be, and they've accelerated their typical release schedule.

While the Windows team at Microsoft faced widespread shock and dismay at the radical UI changes in Windows 8, feedback from users helps them to shape the OS into what the world wants it to be, and they’ve accelerated their typical release schedule.

Beyond the thousands of aesthetic and functional decisions that designers and developers make before an app goes live, the most overlooked step in designing and optimizing UI (User Interface) for native & web apps is recognizing that your users are in the best position to help improve the interface because they are the ones who don’t carry the baggage of product history.

The problem comes from the way the software life cycle used to exist – periodic major releases incorporating many improvements, and fixes to all the bugs since the previous release. But in today’s fast-paced development environment, too often when releasing an app, designers and developers are so caught up in the rush to market that the metrics they use to measure success are based on whether people are using (or continue to use) their application instead of why and how the users are using it. And simply plugging in Google Analytics, or any of the myriad other measurement platforms available, isn’t enough.

Designers must conceive – and then communicate to developers – the specific ways how and places where they want to streamline user interaction. And developers must work with designers to turn broken, under- or misused interface elements into opportunities for out-of-the-box re-design. There may be five ways to return to the app’s main view or site’s homepage – which one is being used the most? What views/interfaces/pages seem to have the best and worst user flow and bounce rate? What features aren’t being used as often, and should they be de-emphasized, or promoted more heavily?

Putting together a focus group (it can even be staff from within your company, or friends and family!), A/B testing new UI features in the field (you’ll be surprised how streamlined this is with today’s tools!), and simply asking for direct feedback from users are all critical steps to implement, and not just once. The “set it and forget it” mentality of compartmentalized design and heavy development followed by light refreshments and a tropical vacation is no longer sustainable for a business of any size. Today’s application development is agile in every sense of the word, and today’s most innovative companies and products – that’s most innovative, not just biggest – are constantly testing and improving their products with a “fail fast” mentality.

Here at ATS Mobile, we work with our clients to closely track the apps and websites we create after they are released, and continually make changes to improve the user interface so that users keep coming back. We leverage major analytics platforms as well as some of our own proprietary tools that help us link apps and web services to the ad campaigns that feed new users in, and work to improve attribution in this constantly evolving multi-channel world. In short, our work is never done because a product is never finished. Today’s bug may become tomorrow’s new feature, and with an open-minded attitude toward design and function and the help of your users, digital products can take on a life of their own.


You May Be Losing up to 47% of Your Sales!

Main Line Philadelphia web design

New responsive design website with video.

Need a New Website?

Ask most business owners and they’ll probably tell you that they aren’t completely happy with their website.

And, if they’re happy now, ask them to check how their site looks on a mobile phone and even more are going to be unhappy.

Why Your Business Needs Responsive Design

With responsive design, your site will render properly whether its on a PC, tablet, smartphone, or feature phone.  That’s because a responsive design website uses the same elements, and the same URL, regardless of the device that is accessing it.  Hence, a good user experience for all!

According to recent research, only 9% of the top 100 retail e-commerce sites use responsive design.  So, you can see why a business will stand out given the much improved user experience for the consumer if he or she is on a smartphone or tablet.

It’s even more important if you are a restaurant that relies on takeout, because so much of your business will come from mobile.  And, in the restaurant industry, over 47% of your web access will come via mobile.

Google Will Love You!

Responsive design is relatively new so don’t panic if you aren’t totally up to date on it.

Just over a year ago, we were recommending to our clients that they should be using a website optimized for mobile and another website as their desktop site.  In many cases, the mobile website had a URL something like http://m.atsMobile.com and then they had their desktop website on their primary domain.  The problem with this strategy was that Google saw these as two different domains.  So, for SEO purposes, you needed to optimize what essentially amounted to two separate home pages.

No more.  With responsive design, your site will be seen by the search engines as just one site.  Hence, any backlinks, for example, are going to help you with both desktop and mobile search.

Add a video to your site and Google will love you even more since getting a video ranked is much easier than a web page that doesn’t have video.

ATS Mobile and Responsive Design

At ATS, we never really set out to be in the desktop web design business, but as a full service mobile marketing agency, you can see where we were forced into becoming more than just a mobile web designer, because of responsive design.

So, we’ve beefed up our web design business and are now ready to serve local businesses not only in our native Philadelphia and Toronto, but also across the USA and Canada.

Give us a call.  We’ll give you a mobile website and a new and updated desktop website for FREE!




JOBS: Sales, Developer Positions Open in Philadelphia, Toronto

ATS Mobile has four jobs currently available in its suburban Philadelphia or Toronto offices.

  • Junior Account Executive (Philadelphia)
  • Senior Account Executive (Philadelphia preferred)
  • Senior Account Executive in Canada (Toronto preferred)
  • Back End and Web Developer (Philadelphia)

To read more about these positions, visit our employment page.

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