50 Things You Need to Know about Mobile Advertising on Social Media Networks

If you are not taking part in our Mobile Marketing Knowledge College, you are missing out on some of the best webinars that you can attend to become expert in the world of mobile marketing.

In this webinar from July 17, ATS’s Scott Bronenberg and Michael Candelori shared some of their expertise regarding Mobile Advertising on the Social Media networks.  The two experts discuss geo-targeted mobile advertising and how to pinpoint your specific target market via demographics and psychographics and by using innovative strategies such as mobile conquesting.

Banner advertising on traditional mobile devices are discussed and how to optimize the best inventory by using targeted creative and rich media.  Full screen interstitial advertising is also discussed as is expandable rich media.

Bronenberg and Candelori also talk about how to create a database and chart results so as to optimize the best opportunities for each person participating.  Tips are also given on how to best advertise on the most popular social media networks: Twitter; Facebook; Linked In.



Read more about mobile advertising in the May webinar from the Mobile Marketing Knowledge College from ATS Mobile.


ATS Welcomes Two New Marketing Consultants

ATS Mobile is pleased to announce the hiring of two new Mobile Marketing Consultants to its team.

Barb Osier Breeser, a long time expert in the field and resident of Des Moines, Iowa, has joined the team.  In addition, Kevin Campbell, a recent graduate of James Madison University with a background in internet-related sales in New York City, has also begun a new career with ATS and will work out of its King of Prussia headquarters.

ATS Mobile hires two new consultants

Barb Breeser and Kevin Campbell are the newest members of the ATS Mobile team.



VIDEO: 25 Years of Providing IVR Services

As ATS gets ready to celebrate its 25th anniversary on July 15, 2014, we take a look back at some of the IVR programs that we’ve done over the years.

While the company has moved on to expand its mobile and digital marketing programs, IVR remains a mainstay for Advanced Telecom Services.  ATS’s niche is the ability to answer large volume call capacity programs that are common via television broadcast advertising.

Here’s a compilation of programs that ATS has participated in over the years, including one by Michael Jackson, The King of Pop himself, during Super Bowl XXVIII.



New E-Marketing Regulations in Canada

The Canadian Radio and Television Commission has implemented a new series of laws to combat spam-based ad campaigns in commercial electronic messages through Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation.

With the help of the Competition Bureau and the Office of the Privacy Commission, CASL will enable this Taskforce on Spam to use economic sanctions against advertising agencies which use spam, fraud, spyware, or even malware tools for the purpose of finding out more information on consumers without their consent.

The penalty for an individual advertiser who violates CASL per penalty $1,000,000 while the penalty for an organization is $10,000,000 per penalty.

CASL is the product of a mulit-year Taskforce by industry professionals, law enforcement, and other entities created in 2004 responsible for studying spam and malware in online advertising.

This new legislation was officially materialized through the organization of 25 recommendations in a 2005 report from the Taskforce on ways to reduce ad-related spam.

Starting on July 1st, all commercial electronic messages (CEM) like SMS texts must have:

1. the sender’s name along with the name of other parties if sent upon another’s behalf.

2. the sender’s mailing address

3. Other relevant contact information (including URL and/or contact number)

4. A clearly visible “Unsubscribe” button.

Requests for consent must also have such information included for consumers, as well as a specifications about the function of the product discussed in detail in the CEM.

For more details on how to ensure that your e-messages to consumers are within the legal specifications of CASL, contact us today.


We’re 25 Years Old – Time Flies By


It doesn’t seem like it was a quarter of a century when a group of entrepreneurs joined forces to open the doors to Advanced Telecom Services in Wayne, Pa. in the summer of 1989.

George Bush, the elder, was President, a Cornell University student became the first person to be indicted under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for unleashing a computer virus, and baseball’s all-time hits leader Pete Rose accepted a lifetime ban for betting on the sport.

It was also in the infancy of the burgeoning 900 number pay-per-call, audiotext industry, with crossword puzzle devotees having an option of finding an answer instantly, for a nominal fee, by dialing a 900 number on their landline phone.  Newspapers around the country soon adapted the service, including the venerable New York Times. 

From 900 numbers dispensing news, sports and entertainment in the U.S. and Canada, to pay-per-call programs debuting in several countries throughout the 1990s including the U.K. and Czech Republic, Advanced Telecom Services quickly became a global leader in processing audiotext programs.

In 2001, the eventual full conversion to a digital, mobile-first agency began with the introduction of one of North America’s first membership-based ringtone websites, Ringingphone.com, which grew to over 60,000 paying members.

By 2007, the push to mobile was fully underway with website and app development, the introduction of the do-it-yourself text platform at 84444.com, and sister company Advanced Mobile being purchased by mobile automotive giant AutoByTel, and Advanced Telecom’s name change to ATS Mobile, both occurring in 2013. 

Following another change last year, a move into our new offices in the Valley Forge Casino complex and resort in King of Prussia, Pa., we currently specialize in engagement strategies in the mobile space.  ATS seeks to partner with growing businesses, define ambitious goals, and develop and execute strategies to achieve them.  

For more on the history of Advanced Telecom Services and ATS Mobile click here.


Mobile Advertising Tip: Integrate Advertising with Content

It is interesting to note below that Yahoo says that “PC ads fit to a mobile screen are not always effective.”  In fact, from our experience, we’d have to say that they are absolutely never effective.  With the smaller screen of the mobile, placement is far more important than what you are used to with your desktop advertising.  Therefore, Yahoo is right on target when it talks about integration of mobile advertisements within the actual content that you are looking at.

That’s exactly why Facebook advertising has been such a great success story for our digital agency, especially since Facebook has decreased exposure for your company page’s organic postings.  The advertisements on Facebook are right in your news feed.  You can hardly miss them!  Especially, when they are in the second position in your news feed right beside the pictures from your neighbor’s high school graduation last night.

Mobile Advertising Tips

ATS Tips: Don’t expect the same tactics that worked on your PC advertising to work on mobile.


Retailers Allocating 37% of Digital Budget to Mobile

direct response vs branding digital advertising

How much advertising on digital is branding versus direct response?

Digital advertising now shows 59% of its total being direct response and 41% being branding, according to this recent study by eMarketer.  Previous studies published here on the ATS Blog have shown the increasing percentage of digital advertising budgets that are being allocated to mobile.

How much of digital ad spending is mobile advertising?

What percent of digital ad spending is mobile?

Mobile now makes up 35% of total digital advertising spend.  The retail vertical is tops with 37% and healthcare and pharmaceutical lags at 26%.  Retailers have been using strategies such as geo-conquesting to strengthen their advantage over competing stores.


The State of Facebook Ads

No two Facebook advertisement posts are promoted equally.  Ad Age reports that the website has changed the branding of organic – unpaid – posts and actual paid advertisements on the news feeds of its 757 million daily users.

Social@Ogilvy conducted a study on the type of advertisements created by 106 national brands on Facebook.  It was found that the percentage of organic ads went from 12 percent in October 2013 to just 6.2 percent in February of this year.

organic reaches on Facebook

More companies turn to paid Facebook ads as the use of organic ads dramatically decrease.

Four reasons were identified for this drop in the use of organic ads:

  1. The average number of Facebook friends a user has is 338 in comparison to 229 friends in 2010 (Pew Research Center)
  2. The average Facebook user follows 40 brand sin 2013.
  3. Facebook users are increasingly liking to external news sites like Buzzfeed.
  4. More brands are paying for ads to form impressions and drive higher click-through rates.

Even the positions of ads on Facebook have changed with the increase in paid ads among companies.

The social media site used to restrict ads to Right Hand Rail ads, those on the right hand column of the page.  Now ads show up in news feeds for easier access on desktop and mobile devices and have resulted in increased revenues through higher click-through rates among users relative to the past.

Overall, Facebook is clearly moving in a direction of more responsive web design conducive to mobile users.


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