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ATS Mobile Adds Marketing Communications Director to Staff

King of Prussia, PA—ATS Mobile is proud to announce the hiring of Jill Perkins as Director of Marketing Communications for its Purplegator division.

As a mobile-first digital agency, Purplegator creates robust, efficient campaigns that target customers with proven results.  Perkins’ role as Director of Marketing Communications will ensure Purplegator and its clients stay on consumers’ radar by strategically marketing content and products across relevant mobile platforms.

Perkins will work alongside the team of experts at Purplegator and ATS Mobile to develop and execute mobile marketing campaigns that resonate with consumers and generate responses.

Before joining Purplegator, Perkins worked for WKBW-TV in Buffalo, NY. Whether in the field, on air or online, she worked to bring the people of Western New York important details on breaking news stories each day.

Perkins is a native of Pittsburgh, and has worked for local television stations in Pennsylvania, New York and West Virginia. In 2012 and 2013, she served the people of Northwest PA, working for State Representative Ryan Bizzarro as the Director of Communications and Public Relations.


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Mobile Marketing Book Released by Bob Bentz


The mobile phone is our lifeline. It is our gateway to the world. It is our digital DNA.

King of Prussia, PA – Marketing is an ongoing contest for people’s attention, and mobile provides the mechanism that, in the history of promotion, is the closest a brand has ever been able to get to its customer.

In Relevance Raises Response: How to Engage and Acquire with Mobile Marketing, mobile marketing industry veteran Bob Bentz takes an extremely broad subject called “mobile” and makes it understandable for marketers. He delivers it in snack sized portions over nine chapters covering everything from SMS text message marketing to apps development and how to effectively target a brand’s best customers via mobile advertising.

It is the laser-focused targeting advantages of mobile marketing, however, where the book especially shines. Bentz gives insights into the unprecedented targeting advantages that mobile offers over traditional media. Through effective use of geo-targeting, demographic targeting, and interest targeting, mobile is able to deliver your brand’s message to the right person, at the right time, and when the customer is most likely to buy. When done right, with mobile marketing, there is absolutely NO WASTE in your promotional efforts.

“How to implement your own mobile strategy is what I hope you will glean from the pages.”   — Bob Bentz


Relevance Raises Response is published by Skill Bites.

ISBN-13: 9781942489115

ISBN-10: 1942489110



Interested marketers can purchase the new mobile marketing book at The ebook is available at To schedule an interview with the author, Bob Bentz, call 610-254-7191 or email him at

Bob Bentz is president of Advanced Telecom Services, ATS Mobile, and Purplegator—a mobile first digital agency located in suburban Philadelphia. He is also an adjunct teaching a graduate level course in mobile marketing at the University of Denver.

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ATS Mobile Markets Internationally

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International Mobile Marketing with ATS Mobile

How We Marketed Worldwide from our Offices in Philadelphia

International Mobile Marketing

Worldwide Mobile Marketing

ATS Mobile has owned and operated offices in multiple countries around the world including Canada, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, and Taiwan. Philadelphia is, however, our company’s home office and our central base. Though our offices may not reside in every part of the world, we do have the ability to generate results internationally from our small corner in the United States.

How to Reach Passive Candidates in the Job Field with Mobile Marketing

Marketing in the Caribbean Islands

In Saint-Martin, a company called Blue Water was locally hiring for available positions within their company. Since the company is located on an island in the northeast Caribbean Sea, resources are limited. Effectively, the company turned to ATS Mobile for a talent acquisition mobile marketing campaign. This campaign was designed and executed from our offices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was done so through geo-targeting tools, custom built audiences and mobile ad buying.

Our team created advertisements that would run on social media networks, especially Facebook. A lot of the design that was created for the ads were created with Facebook’s advanced marketing tools in mind. After each creative was finished, we generated specific audiences to target as well as location. By working collaboratively with the Blue Water President, we were able to create a target audience in order to ensure that the advertisements would only reach potential applicants. It was imperative that no marketing cost was wasted on tourists.

Our creative team produced an ad that would have the ability to run on multiple digital devices, reaching candidates who were unemployed, looking for career opportunities, or graduates who were looking to upgrade in the work force. Since the island is only 33 square miles, we were able to easily broadcast our ads to the majority of the island’s residents. Our marketing team was able to build this campaign for our client and smoothly execute it.

The results that the international mobile campaign produced were astonishing. The company was receiving applications for their available positions at an incredible rate. Due to the advertisements and its features Blue Water was able to fill all available positions within a 2 week period.

All of our technologies and services are strategized, built, and executed in-house and with all of the opportunities that mobile marketing creates we are able to services local companies with the best campaigns. Our company has been servicing the Greater Philadelphia Area for over 25 years, but we are not afraid to expand beyond the nation’s land or sea borders to please our clients.

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How To Reach Passive Candidates With Social Media Advertising

How To Reach Passive Candidates With Social Mobile Advertising


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Barb Osier Breeser of ATS Mobile Receives the ABWA Protégé Award

King of Prussia – December 2, 2015 – ATS Mobile’s Barb Osier Breeser was awarded the American Business Women’s Association Protégé Award by the West Des Moines Charter Group of ABWA.

BArbThe ABWA is an association committed to advancing professional women in the business industry. The ABWA welcomes female members to a community in which they can grow, learn, and network as they develop and sharpen their leadership skills.

After working diligently for ATS Mobile since 2014, Breeser is being recognized for her hard work and dedication as a business woman. The ABWA Protégé Award is awarded to those who have been a member for two years or less and have stood out from the crowd in exceptional ways. The award recognizes the recipient for her constant participation, enthusiasm for accepting leadership responsibilities, recruitment advancement and her dedication to furthering the objectives of ABWA.

Breeser received her award from Susan Dunn, head of the selection committee for the West Des Moines Charter Chapter. She said of that moment, “I am honored to be this year’s recipient of the ABWA Protégé Award. The West Des Moines Charter Chapter is a wonderful diverse group of women. I have been able to grow my business and develop some new friendships as a result of my membership in ABWA.” Breeser is ATS Mobile’s Digital Marketing Strategist; she works from her remote home office located in Urbandale, Iowa.

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ATS Mobile Welcomes Four to its Fold

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King of Prussia, PA – November 11, 2015 – ATS Mobile adds four new and diverse members to its lineup in order to keep up with company expansion.

CuanCuan-Chai Megghross, a native of Jamaica, has spent his educational years studying Web Design and Interactive Media at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. When his years as a student were coming to a close Cuan was engaging in work that would lead him to co-find Caseinity, an iPhone case manufacturing company. It is here that Cuan has honed the skills for web development and digital marketing which he has put to use as the Creative Strategist at ATS Mobile in order to progress with the mobile advertising world.


VelinaVelina Rusjakova is a graduate from the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering located in Skopje, Macedonia. Still enrolled in school, Velina tutored students in programming while also holding responsibilities in finances and campaigns with IAESTE Macedonia. Her expertise lies in the knowledge of programming. As the Development Coordinator Velina works directly with ATS Mobile’s 84444 service, which is an SMS Messaging service that allows for a more interactive relationship between customer and company.

Chris WallATS Mobile has recently acquired Rocky Point Media and with it Chris Wall.  At Rocky Point Media Chris worked as the Lead Designer where he gained the skills in web design and business branding. He now utilizes these skills as Business Development Manager at ATS Mobile to reach new clientele and better mobile and social advertising. Since joining ATS Mobile Chris has made his own sale and is developing his first mobile advertising project.


 MyselfJenna Silliboy, a graduate from the University of Maine at Farmington works to promote ATS Mobile through social media networks by reaching out to the audience on the web and potential clients in the business. Working as the Marketing Coordinator her specialties revolve around keeping ATS Mobile social media platforms updated as well as writing for all of ATS Mobile’s affiliated websites.


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ATS Mobile Acquires Rocky Point Media

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King of Prussia, PA – November 11, 2015 – ATS Mobile has announced its acquirement of Rocky Point Media, a web and graphic design studio that was based in Waialua, Hawaii.

ATS Mobile has taken the opportunity to acquire Rocky Point Media to advance mobile marketing prospects. In doing so, the company has also added 30 new customers to its growing list including Hamakua Health Center, Hawaiian Islands Ministries, Paradise Air, Assateague Island National Seashore, and Koolauloa Health Center.

Bob Bentz, President of ATS Mobile recognizes “the potential of this decision and is excited about expanding ATS Mobile to new territory geographically and technologically.” Chris Wall, founder of Rocky Point Media and now Business Development Manager of ATS Mobile, is also excited about the acquisition: “Our expanding client base now has the creative backing of Purplegator and full-service digital resources of ATS Mobile.  This is a match made in digital heaven.”

About ATS Mobile

downloadSuburban-Philadelphia based ATS Mobile, a division of Advanced Telecom Services, provides interactive services to advertisers, advertising agencies, brands, and media.  These services include: web development; apps development; mobile and digital advertising; SMS text message marketing; IVR (interactive voice response) services.

About Rocky Point Media

Rocky Point Media provides web design, promotional, placement, and business branding services to its clients. They design, create, and promote company websites to the audiences of business, healthcare providers, non-profit organizations and financial organizations.


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Charitha Shetty Joins ATS Mobile

Charitha Shetty, programmer

Charitha Shetty

King of Prussia, PA — Charitha Shetty, a seasoned computer programmer, has joined ATS Mobile.

ATS Mobile, a division of Advanced Telecom Services, based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, is a mobile-first digital agency that specializes in taking a client’s traditional awareness and turning it into mobile consumer engagement.  Charitha Shetty joins ATS Mobile bringing her IT skills as a computer programmer.  We are very excited to have her on our team, bringing her extensive knowledge of software and applications. Charitha is pursuing her Masters in Computer Engineering at Villanova University and is working as a TA in Computer Engineering Department under Dr. Edward Kresch, Dr. Rick Perrry and Dr. Danai Chasaki.  She has a Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunication from M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology (M.S.R.I.T) Bangalore from India, after which she worked for 2.5 yrs in Oracle Pvt Ltd as a system engineer. During her studies, she worked on a project in ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) “MEOSAR Applications”.  In addition, she created a database for University Registration System during school.
Charitha has worked on a wide variety of projects and always been known as an out of box thinker in her industry.  We are excited to have her on our team and include her on our exciting projects.
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Toni Schmidt Joins ATS Mobile

King of Prussia, PA — Toni Schmidt, a seasoned social media guru with a cutting edge approach to social media, has joined ATS Mobile.

Toni Schmidt mobile marketing expert

Toni Schmidt

ATS Mobile, a division of Advanced Telecom Services, based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, is a mobile-first digital agency that specializes in taking a client’s traditional awareness and turning it into mobile consumer engagement.

Toni Schmidt, a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania where she majored in psychology, has studied human behavior, development, and communications in a variety of settings.  She applies her knowledge of human behavior to the marketing industry, creating relevant content to the appropriate audience.  In addition, she develops strategies to create effective engagement and build relationships with potential leads.  Toni has coined the phrase ‘gratitude marketing’ which encourages business owners to take a hands-on approach to social media platforms.

Toni brings a fresh perspective and approach to all projects and enjoys creating inspiring content, images, and solutions to address client’s needs.  Toni understands that humanizing a brand can create opportunities for building successful relationships.

Not only is Toni a lover of all things related to social media, she is a proud mother of 2 little girls. When she’s not chasing them around, she is probably at the beach, taking a zumba class, volunteering at her church, or writing on her blog.

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ATS Mobile Provides Text Message Based Trade Show Trivia Scavenger Hunt Contest

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trade show trivia text message game (patent pending)

ATS Mobile’s and Purple Gator’s patent pending trade show trivia game

Patent Pending Technology Kicks Off for ATS

Valley Forge, PA — ATS presented the first ever use of its  Treasure Text technology for a trade show trivia and scavenger hunt event during the PAA East Show at the Valley Forge Casino today.

Participants at the show were able to register in advance to participate in the trade show trivia event for a chance to win a $1000 prize!

Text Message Trade Show Trivia (Patent Pending)

ATS Mobile provided the patent pending text message trade show trivia game for this March 25, 2015 event at the Valley Forge Casino.

The trade show trivia game is designed to encourage trade show attendees to visit participating trade show  booths to learn more about the products that are marketed there.  Players are given clues that can only be answered by visiting the trade show booths and gaining the proper response.

Trade Show Trivia text message game.

Players visit trade show booths to gain clues to answer questions via text message.

Varying amounts of points were awarded for each correct response.  At the end of the event, the player garnering the most points was determined to be the winner of the $1000 prize.

Trade Show Trivia Game via Text Message

Treasure Text for Trade Shows is a great way to involve attendees with the exhibit hall vendors.

Treasure Text is the brand given to ATS’s text message based scavenger hunts and trivia events.  These events have been used previously for jeweler sponsored Diamond Dash and Ring Race events.  It has also been used for college orientations for incoming students to learn more about the college.

Treasure Text Trade Show Trivia and Scavenger Hunts are a patent pending technology of ATS Mobile.

If you are interested in learning more about our technology, please contact ATS Mobile at 610-688-6000.




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King of Prussia, PA — Steve Gonzalez, a seasoned advertising sales executive with a strong track record of success covering over 18+ years in the radio industry with Clear Channel Communications and most recently, Radio One, has joined ATS Mobile.

Steve Gonzalez, mobile digital marketing specialist

Steve Gonzalez

ATS Mobile, a division of Advanced Telecom Services, based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, is a mobile-first digital agency that specializes in taking a client’s traditional awareness and turning it into mobile consumer engagement.

A graduate of Fordham University where he majored in Marketing and Communications, Steve is a results-focused marketing strategist with the ability to develop a plan based on a client’s needs using innovation and creativity.  He has a strong desire to understanding and developing “The Next Big Thing” and always has an eye on generating ideas that go beyond the traditional way of doing things.  As Steve likes to say…”Every Great Success Starts With The Question, “What If…”

“We are honored to get somebody with Steve’s experience and knowledge of the local Philadelphia advertising market,” said Bob Bentz, president of ATS. “I have known Steve for several years and he has a stellar reputation and I’ve always hoped that we could work more closely together. He’s going to be a great asset to our team of mobile and digital professionals.”

Steve has worked with some prominent national brands in developing customized marketing programs that extend past traditional media – included in those successful programs are Southwest Airlines, the National Basketball Association, (NBA), the United States Army, and Hyundai America.

He possesses strong leadership skills along with the ability to create a clear goal and build the right team that is engaged, responsive and committed to the company vision and mission.

When Steve is not working diligently with clients to create their customized mobile-social strategy to engage their audience, he can be found on the baseball field with his son or at home whipping up his world famous chocolate chip pancakes for his family!

To contact Steve about how to sell more with mobile, call 610-994-1852.

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