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Mobile Ad Buying

The dizzying mobile ad landscape - click to enlarge.

Understanding Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising may as well be witchcraft to the average marketer. On initial appearance, it’s certainly understandable how the mobile advertising marketplace can be quite confusing. Just take a look at the myriad of players in the industry. This is not your Mama’s digital advertising network.

At first glance, mobile advertising looks rather confusing.

At ATS Mobile, we don’t just stop at Google and BING Pay Per Clicks. We take your mobile advertising dollars and stretch them to over two dozen mobile advertising platforms. Once we understand your mobile advertising needs, we will target specific sites to help you maximize your mobile investment.

Pinpoint Targeting

Want women 18-34? No problem. We got ‘em. In fact, mobile can more effectively target the consumer than any other advertising medium. Here’s just some of the demographic and psychographic characteristics that we can target:

The Mobile Ad Ecosystem simplified - click to enlarge.

Bargains in Mobile Advertising.

While nearly 20% of all time spent with media today is on mobile platforms, mobile advertising only picks up 3.7% of the overall advertising pie. That means opportunity and perhaps the best ROI of all advertising available to you today. Take advantage now while the rest of the world plays catch up to including mobile in its advertising mix. This won’t last forever.

Let us help simplify the mobile advertising buying process for you. We’ll choose the right network for your advertising dollars, but we won’t stop there. Each week, we’ll analyze your data and conduct various A-B testing to ensure that we are maximizing your mobile ad buys.

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