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Multi-Media Text Messaging

When simple words can’t say enough about your product, consider MMS services for your product.

MMS messages (Multimedia Messaging Service) give you the ability to send pictures, video, and audio via a text message.

Imagine you are a clothing retailer. Wouldn’t it make sense to show the fashionable clothing in the message you send? Want to attract more people to your comedy or music act? Show them a short video, with audio, of what they’ll see at the show. Or, if you are a restaurant, you can actually show how delicious your food looks via a picture or video. The only thing we can’t send is the smell.

MMS messages are more expensive than standard SMS and they aren’t for everyone, but if you want to provide something different to your normal text message services, sending a picture just might be the ticket to increased sales.

Because of the potential for abuse, we won’t provide you with a do-it-yourself service like we do for text messaging; instead, we’ll set up the campaigns for you. You can use MMS as:

MMS text messages allow you to send a photo to a cell phone from a computer. Picture what that can do for your sales.

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