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ATS: Since 1989. From the US call 610-688-6000, from Canada 416-800-2490.

IVR Overview

Leaders in the IVR Service Bureau industry for a quarter-century.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR), also known as audiotext, is the automated processing of inbound and outbound phone calls.

At ATS Mobile, IVR is our business. We have been processing automated phone calls since 1989. Since then, we’ve developed software to do almost any kind of automated call processing imaginable. Now, in our fourth decade of call processing development, we continue to re-invent the IVR business with innovative IVR solutions for our customers.

In 2010, after 21 years of operating our IVR equipment in our office space in Philadelphia, ATS made a significant enhancement to its IVR processing facility. It purchased new equipment and moved its primary telecom facility to One Wilshire in Los Angeles. One Wilshire is a 30-story, 656,000 square foot building in downtown Los Angeles and is one of the preeminent telecommunications facilities in the United States.

In addition, ATS maintains a co-location facility in Rochester, New York. ATS also supports a level three facility in Buffalo. ATS operates a facility in suburban Toronto to handle its Canadian 900 number and other IVR solutions for Canada. Each of ATS Mobile facilities is triple-redundant so that in the unlikely event of an outage in any one facility, calls are able to be re-routed to one of the others.

ATS Mobile has made a significant investment in its SIP and VOIP technology in its new service bureau. This means that ATS can both accept and inexpensively send phone calls via internet protocol to virtually any place in the world.

By using our automated call processing solution, you will benefit from significant cost savings in both labor and staffing, because computers do the work instead of humans. Our equipment is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. It doesn’t call in sick. It works on holidays and it never asks for a raise.

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