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Direct Carrier Billing

Pay per call billing for the mobile phone.

United States

With the demise of 900 Number Billing in the United States, customers have been seeking a new pay-per-call solution and ATS has delivered with direct carrier billing via mobile. Now, pay-per-call operators have an alternative to credit card billing.

Supported Carriers
With direct carrier billing, charges are made to the consumer’s mobile bill. All of the major carriers are participating, including: Verizon Wireless; AT&T; T-Mobile; Sprint.


There’s another new and exciting billing mechanism in Canada and it’s called Direct to Mobile billing. With Direct to Mobile billing, you can assess customers a premium rate charge when they call a local phone number within Canada. This is different than a Pound Code in that the user dials a 10-digit-number.

Since 900 numbers in Canada do not support mobile billing, this innovative new billing mechanism is a great way to tap the lucrative pay per call market that 900 numbers have long ignored.

Supported Carriers
Direct Mobile Billing is supported by the following Canadian mobile carriers: Bell Mobility, Island Tel, NB Tel, Maritime Tel and Tel, Telebec, Northern Tel, Northwest Tel, Rogers, Telus QC, Telus ON, Telus AB, and Telus BC. The product is currently not supported by MTS/Allstream, Sasktel, or Shaw.

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