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Custom QR Codes

Our Custom QR Codes increased scan rates by 2.3x over ordinary black-and-white ones in an apples-to-apples comparison. How about them apples?

You've seen 'em - those funny little boxes that appear in ads, on business cards, product packaging, billboards, and more. Scan one with your smartphone and you're automatically transported to a website, mobile coupon or even a video.

They're QR codes - QR for "quick response." Scan 'em and see.

The beauty of this simple little graphic is that it's a powerful marketing tool for inviting consumers to interact with your brand.

When they interact, you build relationships. More relationships, more customers.

Extend your brand with a Custom QR code.

Take an ordinary B&W box, customize it and watch your engagement skyrocket. Custom QR codes achieve scan rates that are 2.3 times higher than ordinary B&W mobile bar codes.

For the SuperJam2 hip-hop concert in Philadelphia, ATS Mobile created a custom QR code. When scanned, it gave fans access to an exclusive music video and a chance to go backstage during the show. The result? A whopping 64.7% participation rate from concert fans!

When you want results like this, the answer is clear. Branded with your logo or an image of your choice, a custom QR code:

From delivering mobile coupons to providing directions to your store, custom QR codes can be used in many ways. Let's discuss your objectives. Then, our team of creative graphic designers and experienced media professionals can get to work generating an awesome, attention-getting, custom mobile bar code for you.

When it comes to Custom QR Codes, we're the best in the business. See the largest gallery of Custom QR Codes on the web here.

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