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ATS: Since 1989. From the US call 610-688-6000, from Canada 416-800-2490.

CIC Codes

Woman dialing CIC Code

Landline billing in the USA and Canada via 8-digit number.

ATS has a unique product offering for the pay per call industry - CIC codes (Carrier Identification Codes).

Originally designed as a way to bill for customer service, a CIC (pronounced “kick”) code can now be used as an alternative to a 900 number in Canada or as a new solution for pay-per-call in the United States..

There are several advantages of using a CIC code versus a 900 number. First, a CIC code service uses only an 8-digit number so it’s easier to recall than a 10-digit 900 number. Second, a CIC code program has a better ability to hold charges than a 900 number in that consumers do not have the same legal protection. Third, a CIC code program does not have any of the potential negative impression that some people incorrectly associate with 900 numbers.

CIC codes are only able to bill fixed line phones and are not accessible from cell phones.

CIC codes are in limited supply and are highly sought-after today. Some content restrictions do apply in the USA.


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