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ATS: Since 1989. From the US call 610-688-6000, from Canada 416-800-2490.

Call TV Programming

One of ATS' specialties in the best premium rate market in the world.

Canada offers one of the hottest markets in the world for Call TV programming – a large and lucrative market with a large amount of television stations to choose from.

With Call TV, viewers can participate in the show by calling a premium rate number for the opportunity to solve a puzzle game and win cash or prizes. ATS offers Call TV show producers the technology, billing mechanisms, administration, and television station relationships to be your feet on the ground in Canada.

A premium rate provider in Canada since 1993, ATS will provide you with the following billing mechanisms for landlines and mobiles:

Our telecom technology includes:

Plus, we have the contacts in the television industry that only come from three decades of servicing media in Canada.

Let us help make your Call TV program a big success in Canada – the best premium rate market in the world!

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