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Online Dating

Custom online dating sites with your branding but with the power of our partner platform.

Affiliate Marketers: Love or money? Now your radio station, digital newspaper or website can have both.

Today, more than half (51%) of all adult women in the United States are single. Moreover, nearly one in six marriages (17%) today involved couples who originally met on an online dating site.

Online dating is a great way to increase the community involvement of your radio station, newspaper, or television station. Moreover, it’s a great source of NTR (non-traditional revenue) for media.

Our MatchLink brand can customize the look and feel of your online dating web site with your banner and logo. Plus, we can provide a site with virtually any interest category. We can even provide a site that is more geared toward casual dating or those seeking marriage.

The media partner simply promotes the customized web site through its normal channels on an ROS basis. It can be as simple as a link from your web site. We do all the rest and pay you half of ongoing gross sales receipts from the product. We also provide you with custom banner advertisements and anything else you need to promote your own online dating solution.

Just promote the custom online dating site with your available inventory and we’ll send you a check each month.

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