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ATS: Since 1989. From the US call 610-688-6000, from Canada 416-800-2490.

Cross-Platform Mobile-First Solutions

We help brands, advertisers, agencies, and media partners increase sales with mobile marketing.

If you are on this website, you already know that the mobile revolution isn’t coming. It’s already here.

You also probably realize that mobile isn’t about just reaching your target audience on the go. It’s also about reaching them on their couches.

“Your mobile solution will be targeted and your results will be memorable.”

At ATS, we’ve been providing interactive telephone services for the past four decades. That’s decades, not years like most of our competitors.

When we started, landline phones were all the rage, then the internet, and now mobile. But, throughout those years, one thing has remained constant—the priority of serving our brands, advertisers, advertising agencies, and media partners with engaging interactivity and stellar support.

Sure, we love texting, but we also talk on the phone. While we think webinars are really cool, we also believe in traveling to personally visit with our customers. Need to reach us in the evening or the weekend? No problem; you’ll have our mobile phone numbers.

All of our mobile managers have backgrounds in media. What this means for you is we not only create compelling mobile solutions, but we know how to market them as well.

And, we have a confession to make. Our technology does break. It’s not often, but it does happen. Anybody that tells you theirs never breaks is not telling the truth. The difference is that most of the time, when something breaks, you’ll never know it, because we monitor our products 24/7.

Partner with us.

With ATS Mobile, your mobile solution will be targeted and your results will be measurable.

Bob Bentz, President

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