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ATS: Since 1989. From the US call 610-688-6000, from Canada 416-800-2490.

#250 Pound Code

A shared voice short code to put you right in your customers' hands.

If you are running television or radio advertising, you know how difficult it is to get consumers to remember your phone number, especially while they are multi-tasking at home or driving a car.

Now, ATS Mobile has a solution for you with our voice short codes.

Voice short codes, also known as "Pound Codes" enable you to promote an easy-to-remember contact number via your broadcasting or other advertising. Consumers will hit the # (Pound) and then a 3 digit number on their mobile phones. Once the call connects, the consumer will say the name of your company or brand. Our sophisticated IVR solution will use voice recognition to recognize your verbal keyword. Your customer or prospect will then be directed an automated message or the redirect connection can be made right to your live operators.

As if this isn’t cool enough technology, we will also send a text message immediately back to the mobile phone. This text message could contain your contact details, a link to your website, or more information about your product or special offer.

Just like with our text message marketing short code, 84444, we have this service set up on the same voice short code number in both the USA and Canada. It is set up on #250 so if you are doing regional advertising in a border city like Buffalo/Niagara Falls, Detroit/Windsor, or Seattle/Vancouver, it will work flawlessly in both Canada and the States. That means no lost advertising impressions for your brand.

If you’ve ever investigated obtaining your own voice short code, you will soon understand why we’ve set up the voice recognition feature on the pound code program. Obtaining a voice short code is incredibly expensive — at least $15,000 initial investment plus a monthly minimum of $10,000. And, that doesn’t even count the time required to do all of the testing with each mobile carrier in both the United States and Canada.

By making #250 a shared short code, those costs are amortized over many customers so that we, not you, are taking the financial risk and long term commitment to the product.

Voice short codes are not cheap, but they offer an innovative way for your product to stand out from the rest and the single most convenient and memorable way for consumers to contact you.

Initial Investment: $1500
Monthly Investment: $600

If you’d like to demo the Voice Short Code, call #250 from your mobile phone and say the keyword “BASEBALL” when prompted. You’ll then be directed to the ATS Mobile Sales Department.

Package includes 2000 minutes and 500 text messages. Overage packages are available for larger use customers.

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