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ATS: Since 1989. From the US call 610-688-6000, from Canada 416-800-2490.

900 Numbers Canada

Oh Canada! The strongest Premium Rate market in the world.

One of the strongest premium rate markets in the world.

Recent deregulation of the Canada 900 number industry has helped make Canada one of the strongest premium rate markets in the world. ATS entered the Canadian 900 market in 1993 when Stentor began overseeing the new 900 number industry. Since then, ATS has worked with provincial phone companies Aliant, Telus, and Bell Canada in providing 900 number solutions.

Deregulation often spurs new business opportunities and 900 numbers in Canada were no exception. In 2008, ATS began offering 900 number services directly to the Canadian market by bypassing the stranglehold that the provincial phone companies, and specifically Bell Canada, once had on the industry. This has resulted in a unique 900 number market with the following distinct advantages:

The most natural extension of an American pay-per-call program is to expand those services to other English-speaking countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. ATS can establish your premium rate service in each of these countries, thus offering you one-stop shopping to maximize your revenue. Since the countries share many cultural similarities, and often participate in the same media, it’s a great way to immediately make more money from your 900 number program.

Available Canadian 900 NXX’s:

Note – The NXX is the three numbers immediately after the “900” in the phone number.

Financials – 900 Numbers in Canada

Carrier Fees:
Transport = .35/minute
Billing Services = 10%
Carrier Look-up = .15/call
Monthly Line Leasing = $100

Typical ATS Fees:
$950 initial investment
.18 per minute

To access the Canada Rules for 900 Number Services, click here.

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