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ATS: Since 1989. From the US call 610-688-6000, from Canada 416-800-2490.

800 Numbers

An IVR Service Bureau Leader Since 1989

Michael Jackson - Heal the World
During the Super Bowl, ATS handled Michael Jackson's Heal The World Foundation's 800 number.

Since 1989, ATS has been a leading provider of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 800 number services. We have developed a wide range of programming capabilities to meet the needs of our advertising agencies, media, pharmaceutical, and consumer product companies who use our interactive 800 number services.

ATS offers its customers the ability to use IVR in conjunction with live agents, as an overflow option, or on a stand-alone basis. We also provide automated billing options for your 800 number program; these include accepting credit cards through our PAYGO (Pay As You Go) automated credit card processing system or sales via Block-Of-Time.

We’ve established 800 numbers with many major advertising agencies and consumer product companies and have provided numerous 800 number IVR services involving sweepstakes and major television programs.

Large Call Capacity Programs Are a Thriller To Us

Large call capacity programs are a thriller to us. A few years ago, we even had an 800 number promoting Michael Jackson’s Heal The World Foundation during the most watched event in the USA - The Super Bowl!

At ATS, we have both the technical know-how and the many years of experience in the 800 number industry to properly assist you with your program needs. Our team will work with your company to design, develop, and implement your service in order that it meets or exceeds your expectations. Furthermore, our account management personnel will evaluate your 800 number services and its performance on an ongoing basis to ensure the maximum return on your advertising ROI.

We also have our own transcription services so that if you need your voice capture files converted from voice to printed name and address, we have the ability to get that done. We will get the records out to your fulfillment house if direct mail is being sent.

Specific 800 number applications that we provide include:

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